A connected car can be paired with a phone and has access to the internet. Many times they will allow easier access to music, maps, and information about the car. Newer cars may have Apple Carplay or Google’s Android Auto. For older cars, adapters can be plugged in to gather information about the car and can connect to your phone. Connected Cars can also be safer—If you get a text message or a email, the car can read it to you, and you can respond with voice.

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What exactly is a “Connected Car?”

A “connected car” is an automobile that syncs with a mobile phone and internet. It provides information about the car and gives the user easier access to music, maps and apps.

Why have a connected car car?

Connected cars can enhance the quality of your ride by making it safer, easier and more enjoyable. By syncing with your phone, access to music, podcasts, & maps has never been easier. Additional features such as a voice assistant and auto detect sensors can make driving safer.

Can old cars be made “smart?”

To an extent, yes. Products such as Automatic & Moj.io plug into the ODBII data port below the dashboard, using a platform that has been an automotive standard since ’96. They can read & remove engine warnings, gather data, and help drivers save money on gas.

If you have ideas about using connected car technology – or you have further questions on how you might implement this into your business or application – please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Voice Control

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay can both be controlled with speech


Phone & Car Pair Seemlessly

Additional features may be enabled, like making a park-location reminder,
can be synced to your phone for later access when not in the car.

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