Digital Scientists works with customers to enable the transition from idea to fully functioning ecommerce store in less than 90 days. We are experts in the rapid implementation of both B2B and B2C ecommerce. With experience working on multiple platforms, we understand the importance of delivering a great user experience across all devices: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Why is ecommerce website development so critical? With many users now beginning their consumer journey digitally instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores, companies need a way to capture this new top-of-funnel preference. An easy-to-use, secure ecommerce experience is what consumers expect: The ability to quickly search for products on your site, find exactly what they’re looking for and seamlessly pay for their purchase.


Speed to Launch

It’s our mission to deliver the ideal ecommerce experience, both on time and on budget. We’ll collaborate with your stakeholders (customers and end-users) and identify your product goals and market challenges. We will define and prioritize your features, and then plan your first release.

It’s one thing to recognize the need for a top-tier ecommerce website; it’s another to ensure you get exactly what you’re paying for. At Digital Scientists, we recognize the value of speed in your ecommerce deployment — the faster your site goes live, the faster you’re able to capitalize on the evolving digital market. Also critical to success is transparent communication: Throughout the design, development and deployment process, our experts stay in contact with your team, making sure that what we’re creating matches your ecommerce expectations.


Local Ecommerce Website Design Experts

We’re a tightly integrated team of experts (designers and developers) with two locations: downtown Alpharetta and in the heart of Atlanta. Our team of experts has been building ecommerce stores and platforms, web applications and digital products since 2007, giving us that rarest combination of traits — the ability to move quickly while maintaining best-of-breed quality. We collaborate closely with you and your team — we’ll come to your location or you can come to us.


Built to Scale on the Latest Platforms and Devices

We’re committed to applying the latest technologies to create state-of-the-art ecommerce experiences — across all devices: phone, tablet, desktop, wearable, touchscreen, etc. This ability to adapt is called responsive website design and is essential to your ecommerce success.

Here’s why: Potential and returning customers visit ecommerce websites from all types of devices and expect the same seamless experience regardless of their technology. If your ecommerce site looks great on desktop browsers but is a mess in mobile, you could lose prospective buyers. If the site is consistent and impressive across devices, you not only keep consumer interest, but often enjoy organic word-of-mouth as happy customers relate their experience to other users.

At Digital Scientists, we’ve built a reputation on delivering responsive ecommerce website design that exceeds client expectations and helps convert digital prospects into repeat customers.

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Why Digital Scientists?

We’re scientists with a heart for the user. Our Atlanta-based team brings strategy, design and development together into a seamless and efficient process.


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