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Digital Scientists has experience working with customers going from idea to fully-functioning ecommerce store in less than 90 days. We are experts in the rapid implementation of both B2B and B2C ecommerce. With experience working on multiple platforms, we understand the importance of delivering a great user experience across all devices: Mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • OrderCloud Ecommerce Implementation Partner
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Speed to Launch

We’ll reduce your risk and help you focus on delivering the best ecommerce experience: Both on-time and on-budget.

We’ll collaborate with your stakeholders and identify your product goals & market challenges. We will define and prioritize your features and then plan your first release.

Plan, Define, Implement, And Launch Your Apps - On Time, On Budget
Alpharetta, Ga - Ecommerce Experts

Local Ecommerce Experts

We’re a tightly integrated team of ecommerce experts – working in Alpharetta.

Our senior team of experts has been building ecommerce stores, web applications and mobile software for 8+ years, so we can move fast. We’re in one place, so we can collaborate closely with you and your team. We will come to your location to make sure we’re on the same page with your team.

Built to Scale on the latest Platforms & Devices

We’re committed to applying the latest technologies to create state of the art ecommerce experiences – across all devices: Phone, tablet, desktop, wearable, touchscreen, etc.

Responsive Apps - Scaled Form Wearable To Large Screens
OrderCloud - Implementation Partner

Official partner of, built by Four51, is a premier API-driven eCommerce platform that allows us to offer complex B2B eCommerce solutions to our customers.


• Omni-Channel
• Mobile Responsive
• Multi-Language, Currency
• Up-sell & Cross-sell

• Personalization
• Product Management
• Approval Rules
• Flexible Payment Methods



We build fully-viable, ecommerce platforms with the fewest steps possible. We’re ready to launch your store and help you start taking orders online.

Ecommerce Process - Plan

The first step for building an Ecommerce Store is to hold an Ecommerce Planning Workshop. This allows us to learn about the vision for the new ecommerce store. We also get a better understanding of the business objectives for the project.

Ecommerce Process - Define

Next we collaborate with clients to define and prioritize the business and feature requirements for the new ecommerce store – fleshing out workflows, business rules, personas, etc. – in order to complete a feature specification. In parallel we develop a target solution architecture to define exactly how the store is going to be implemented in your specific architecture. This includes getting a better understanding of all the required integration points.

Along with the feature specification we begin iterative design of the category, sub-category and product pages, increasing the level of fidelity of our deliverables as we gain alignment on the definition of the store. We start with hand drawn sketches and evolve to a wireframes and a clickable prototype along with all the design assets required to build the ecommerce store. With the completed designs, we author a final set of detailed user stories to define all of the user interactions. 

Ecommerce Process - Implement

With the completed Ecommerce Blueprint (i.e. Feature Specification, Visual Design, Solution Architecture, User Stories), we undertake development of the new store. The features are prioritized and scoped to be completed for the initial version of the store.

The project is structured as a series of two-week development iterations until all features are delivered and individually tested. Front end and back end development is done in parallel. Layouts are integrated into the back end functionality once the CSS and HTML is complete.

Each iteration starts with a planning meeting where team members select the stories to be delivered during that iteration. Each user story is granular enough that it can be delivered and tested within the assigned iteration. The iteration ends with a review session where each completed user story is tested and either accepted or rejected. At the completion of all development iterations, the client goes through User Acceptance Testing (UAT). All of the ecommerce store features are tested during this phase and the client signs off as acceptance of the final delivery.

Ecommerce Process - Launch

We provide a clear communication process for issue management and resolution before launch.
After verification and approval of the functionality of the ecommerce store on the staging server, we deploy the final code to production.

We implement tracking analytics and configure the analytics tool to track relevant goals. We crawl new content pages for broken links and fix any references to the staging domain in the content.
For the final step we run a test of all backup services and fail-over mechanisms. We then hand over the store to first level support for management. The team publishes relevant documentation to first level support to help maintain the application(s). The final step is to start taking orders!


Digital Product

Define your product, features, design & workflows: Everything you need to build a great application.

Minimum Viable Product

Work with experts to design, build and launch a new product or service in 90 days.

New Product Development

Collaborate with our experienced product team to build innovative software.

Innovation Design Sprint

Join us for a 5-day design sprint to define and prototype your new digital product or business.

Customer Experience Strategy

Clarify your destination and develop new solutions for delivering value to your customers.


Use quantitative and qualitative methods to get user insights and validate your concept.

Keep up with our latest thinking on digital innovation