Customer Experience Strategy

Perhaps the single most important part of the product development journey is your Customer Experience Strategy. Our team is experienced with all of the aspects of launching a successful digital product – from market research, customer journey mapping, all the way through to development.

Our iterative 2 week design sprint promotes cross-functional collaboration and layers your solution architecture and development constraints into concepts that are optimized for your customers and technology environment.

At the end of the sprint, you’ll walk away with a clear sense of the who, what, how, and why of the product you wish to build, along with supporting documentation.

infographic of ba customer experience journey

Destination and Positioning Statement

A Destination and Positioning Statement is the expression of how your product or service fills a particular consumer need in a way that your competitors don’t. We’ll host a short, half-day workshop to help guide and clarify a collective vision for your brand message, positioning, and goals. This promotes understanding and agreement across teams, before we start:

  • Brand / product / service name and business category
  • Target markets, key stakeholders
  • With regard to your brand, how should target(s) Think, Feel, and Act?
  • Measures for success (near and long-term)
  • Brand frame of reference
  • Differentiated brand promise and reasons to believe
infographic of gables destination positioning process

Competitive Landscape

A quick inventory of your brand’s Competitive Landscape will inform our team better on how you position yourself against others in the marketplace, and how competitors go to market. By periodically re-running this inventory, you’ll also see how features can bring you beyond just market parity and clearly differentiate you.

screenshot of strategy competitive landscape gables

Personas and Stakeholder Assessment

What does your user look like? Personas are fictitious characters created to represent the various user types within your targeted demographics that might use the app. We pair these personas with various scenarios and Use Cases that your team would like to address.

screenshot of personas descriptions

Customer Journey Mapping

For digital products, a Sitemap or list of application views, is often the first tangible deliverable: This hierarchical diagram shows the structure of a website or application and supports exercises around Customer Journey Mapping – following a customer experience for a given task to an outcome. These exercises ensure content is in places users would expect to find it, by identifying additional content needs and navigational hurdles.

screenshot of gables site architecture

Usability Testing

Usability Testing refers to evaluating a product or service by testing with representative users. This typically involves observing users perform specific tasks with the goal of being able to identify obstacles that the user encounters while trying to complete their task. Qualitative and Quantative data is collected during this time to identify problems early on.

screenshot of target users description

Strategic Concepts

Based on our agreed-upon destination and brand research, our team will create a series of  Strategic Concepts that deliver on the opportunities we’ve outlined together. These may be ideas for applying new technologies, ways to garner deeper engagment with existing customers, system efficiencies, or proposed new markets.

Strategic Roadmap

screen shot of gables product roadmap


Digital Product Blueprint

Define your product, features, design & workflows: Everything you need to build a great application.

Minimum Viable Product

Work with experts to design, build and launch a new product or service in 90 days.

New Product Development

Collaborate with our experienced product team to build innovative software.

Innovation Design Sprint

Join us for a 5-day design sprint to define and prototype your new digital product or business.

Customer Experience Strategy

Clarify your destination and develop a roadmap for delivering value to your users.

Market Research

Use quantitative and qualitative methods to get user insights and validate your concept.

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