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Here at Digital Scientists, we do a lot more than just offer Android app development services. Our experienced team of designers and Android app developers will create innovative applications from strategy into design, build and launch, and we do it all collaboratively in-house. We view Android app development as a way to help our clients offer services, start businesses, and breathe life into new ideas. 

Why Partner With Digital Scientists for Android App Development?

Even though Android app use has boomed and will continue to increase, we also know only the most engaging and useful apps claim their fair share of a typical user’s attention. We want you to love our applications because they perform well. However, your end users will love them because they are intuitive and valuable. Our software applications are built to integrate multiple digital touch points that create a seamless journey. Our work includes mobile applications, custom software for IoT devices, ecommerce platforms, and custom websites. 

We combine proven methods with the latest technological advancements. These are some highlights of working with our Android app development teams:

  • Publish your app to Google Play: As Google developers, we understand how to conform to Google Program policies, quality standards and other factors that the Google Play Store will check before uploading applications.
  • Enjoy advantages of new Google features: We always stay updated about features available in the latest and upcoming Android versions, such as Oreo and Pie. This helps us introduce the newest and most innovative capabilities into our products, so you can deliver the best experience to the app’s end users.

Why Call on Our Mobile, Web App, iPhone, and Android App Developers?

Your business requirements may require more than just an Android app developer. Besides offering our clients a team of Android app developers and UX and UI designers, we partner with forward-thinking businesses to create mobile apps, websites, ecommerce stores and internet of things (IoT) applications. Established in 2007, we are proud to call metro Atlanta home. We believe in taking a “design thinking” approach to solving complex problems for users. Our team is experienced with all aspects of launching a successful digital product – from strategy, market research, customer journey mapping, all the way through to development and maintenance.

We build market-ready, MVP products fast. Turn your idea into a new product in 90 days! The type of application and kind of end user (and their business goals) will determine the best choice of platforms and our experienced team is familiar with all the latest frameworks. We leverage open-source tools and components to help accelerate our efforts to bring new products to market. We’re ready to build your idea and help you launch your concept!

Tell Us About Your Android App Ideas

If you’re in the Atlanta area, you’re always welcome to stop by our offices. Otherwise feel free to contact us online or by phone. 

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Why Digital Scientists?

We’re scientists with a heart for the user. Our Atlanta-based team brings strategy, design and development together into a seamless and efficient process.


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