Rately Shopping Browser

A smarter browser for mobile shopping


The Rately Shopping Browser is a mobile shopping app that helps you shop smarter across all your favorite stores on the web. We designed the app to adapt to your shopping behavior – by remembering your favorite stores and automatically organizing collections of the items you visit – and then suggesting new items based on your personal preferences.

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We wanted to create a product that would help shoppers experience the very best aspects of shopping on the web – with easy access to prices and large, full-screen product images. And reduce the effort normally associated with mobile shopping – like typing store urls, and manually searching across stores. Additionally, we built the platform around the idea that mobile shoppers should have better tools to manage their own preferences and data, securely and privately.


Over the span of 2 years, and through several product iterations, we had produced a modern shopping browser that was stable, secure, and focused entirely around the needs of mobile shoppers. The end product is the result of several rounds of targeted testing -- where we tested alternate navigation patterns, other product features (like a Q/A format for getting input from friends), and store-embeddable features.

We're delighted that shoppers find many of our novel features indispensable -- especially features like autosaving items to shopping history, one-tap item saving and tagging, color search, and item previews with full-screen images. Rately apps available for both native iOS and web environments.

Ionic Framework
Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework
Ionic gives multi-platform development flexibility, with a broad range of popular application components that expedite application design and development.

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Elastic Search
Search applications using Elasticsearch are lightning fast, and enable new approaches and uses for data that were previously too resource or time-intensive.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails
On the backend, a simplified Ruby on Rails admin panel allows the management of items, users, and stores.




Rately Shopping Browser is the result of over 2 years of product research and testing on online shopper behavior



We're proud to have a growing installbase for the Rately app platform.

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