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What is the digital business opportunity?

We help clients mine for innovative digital business concepts across numerous sources. Sometimes, there’s a competitive threat and that path is clear and urgent. Other times, there are new technologies and platforms emerging that demand immediate attention to avoid disruption by insurgents or adjacent competitors.

We work with clients to develop a multi-faceted approach to sourcing and evaluating new business or product concepts – usually incorporating a combination of ethnographic observation, crowdsourcing campaigns, qualitative and quantitative research, expert interviews, and, of course, all company-based assets and insights.

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What business model and go-to-market approach will win?

In this phase of work, we turn ideas into businesses. How will you sell to, serve, and even charge these new or existing customers as part of your new, digital business?

We have a unique combination of strategic, business, technical, and user experience skill sets to help you develop and evaluate your options. A compelling digital business concept simply can’t succeed on its own. What does the rest of the business look like - and most importantly – how will will this new business invest to win over customers?

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What is the user experience and how precisely does the digital product work in conjunction with existing capabilities?

With a compelling concept and clear strategy, we’re ready to architect the entire user or customer experience. Appropriately, the output of this phase is a User Experience Blueprint. It details how the entire digital business works, the user experience it creates, the key visual design components, as well as relevant elements of the entire business model, such as payment or customer service.

There’s no hand-off from design to technical development – meaning that we eliminate potential rework from miscommunication. During this phase, we will often collaborate closely with IT departments to design how the digital business will interact and communicate with existing enterprise systems – leveraging existing data and functionality sources.

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Execute the technical development and complete implementation plan.

We often work closely with our client or partners to project manage the development of numerous components of an architected solution. We apply the best practices of agile development to develop, test, and update on a weekly cycle.

We have a full time team working together at our office, ready to tackle the following types of development efforts:

  • Technology platforms – iOS, Android, HTML5, AngularJS
  • Search and data stores – Elastic Search, MongoDB, MySQL
  • Social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube, Google+
  • Location services – Geotargeting, GPS, geo-fencing, mapping, iBeacons
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Implement the operating model, launch the digital business, and manage the roadmap.

This may be as basic as training existing employees or as complex as sourcing and on-boarding an entirely new organization. We often partner with clients to create a product roadmap, prioritize/implement additional technologies, and create specific tracking and analytics capabilities – in addition to developing and delivering training as needed. Of course, we also manage the distribution of applications to the most popular app stores.

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