Southern States, LLC. is the expert in the field of high-voltage electrical switching. However, its website did little to demonstrate its record of bringing new, problem-solving products to market. For prospects and customers coming to the site from search engine, the site needed to communicate their expertise and record of innovation.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Website Development



Digital Scientists approached the Southern States site with the combination of art, science, and strategy that’s brought to bear on all projects: A new design was created with an emphasis on utility and clarity. The clean, easy-to-read look that resulted helps to reinforce Southern States as a no-nonsense innovative resource for its customers.

The Digital Scientists development team took the design and built it on the lean but rock-solid, standards-based code for which they’re known. This strong foundation is important – it’s the bedrock of good organic search and SEOand, by extension, a crucial channel for attracting customers who need what Southern States sells. A content management system amplifies this, making it easy for the company to announce product launches, industry news, and trade events. The net effect of this activity is increased relevance with their target audience on the web.

illustration of a southern states sitemap


With strong design and structure in place, Digital Scientists strategically added new functional elements to the site.

  • Toward that effort, the new Southern States website displays the full spectrum of their product line and provides detailed explanations of how they are utilized in system applications.
  • An online support document archive adds to the usefulness of the comprehensive product list, offering technical articles and guides.
  • An “Ask the Expert” feature was added, further reinforcing Southern States’ position as authorities in their field.
  • To help increase sales, Digital Scientists strove to make it exceedingly easy for visitors to get in touch with Southern States. A unique “Quote Cart” function enables rapid, accurate quotes and greater opportunities for sales.
  • An interactive Agent map makes it simple for users to find distributors near them.

Tradition of innovation

Southern States is the leading innovator for products for high voltage power transmission and distribution. Their integrated design and engineering teams are ready to tackle your high-voltage electrical engineering challenges.


logo of html5 and css3


Our frontend team created new, customized layouts site pages. A new nav treatment was introduced, for easier site navigation.

logo of rails

Ruby on Rails

We created custom web and application layouts, as well as a CMS for managing content on the corporate site.


Aside from being a potent reference tool for Southern States to proudly send customers to, the website has proven to be a phenomenal sales driver – the new Quote Cart function alone has resulted in dozens of sales opportunities that the company wouldn’t have previously had.

Furthermore, users are unquestionably using Southern States’ site more than they used to – they’re reading 25% more pages and spending 27% more time on the new site than they did on the old one. Also, the efforts to make the new site easier to find on search engines are bearing fruit: Organic search traffic is up 12%. Referral traffic is up 82%.

Most importantly, Southern States is now selling itself on its own terms – visitors to the new site are able to come away with a strong appreciation for what makes Southern States stand out: Their expertise, history of innovation, and leading technologies.


9 Categories

Added item details & quote cart for each of Southern States’ 9 product categories.

9 Categories

Added item details & quote cart for each of Southern States’ 9 product categories.