Rately Shopper Rewards is a beacon-based, mobile shopping rewards and loyalty program launched atop the Rately shopping platform. The mobile rewards program helps local stores attract and reward their repeat shoppers. It’s a great way to shop and earn rewards anonymously, while supporting your local retail community.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Beacons / Geofencing
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile app Design
  • iOS & Android Development
  • App Management




In partnership with the City of Alpharetta, we launched a Shopper Rewards program to deliver rewards at over 50 local, downtown retailers. As shoppers and visitors return to their favorite Alpharetta stores and restaurants – they accumulate visits, and earn rewards from participating locations. The more visitors shop, the more rewards they’ll earn. Maybe a free cup of coffee from Mugs on Milton – or a chance to win a Yeti cooler from Alpharetta Outfitters.

How it works:
Each retailer is given a usb-powered beacon, and encouraged to create custom messaging and rewards for their visitors at increasing levels of patronage. Visits from shoppers are logged seamlessly in the background, with no checking required. Shoppers must also have the Rately app installed and bluetooth enabled, to register visits at participating locations. The program was promoted both by Downtown Alpharetta and at each of the retail locations.

logos of rately visitors rewards participating stores

Visiting a Store

As shoppers visit participating stores, they will automatically be presented with messaging and rewards.
Setup is easy, and shoppers need only opt into the program once, to participate across the entire network.


logo of apple iOS Xcode swift

Apple iOS – Xcode and Swift

We’ve been building critically-acclaimed apps for iPhone since the platform since it was publicly launched in 2008. By building a native iOS app, we were able to access more features and create fast, snappy experience.

logo of apple iBeacon

Apple iBeacon Technology

App built in compliance with the Apple iBeacon framework.


Hybrid Development

Cordova (previously PhoneGap) gives multi-platform development flexibility.

logo of android

Android Platform

We’re very experienced with the native Android platform:
For greater distribution, we always build apps for both Apple and Android platforms, where possible

logo of ionic framework

Ionic Framework

In addition to HTML & CSS custom layouts, we also used Ionic to expedite the application design and development and give multi-platform development flexibility.

logo of mongoDB


The backend database of stores, reward levels, beacon events and offer reedeems were managed by MongoDB.

logo of radius networks

Beacons powered by Radius Networks

An initial order of over 200 beacons from Radius Networks helped us get the program started, across a 3+ mile perimeter of downtown Alpharetta, GA.The backend database of stores, reward levels, beacon events and offer reedeems were managed by MongoDB.

logo of rails

Ruby on Rails

We created custom web and application layouts, as well as a admin & reporting frontend for managing rewards content.



The Rately Shopper Rewards program started as an opportunity to raise local shopper awareness, and raise interest in our hometown of Alpharetta, GA. The concept was well-received by the City of Alpharetta, and we were delighted by the number and variety of stores that were willing to participate. Encouraged by the enthusiastic participation, our motto became “Shop stores, earn rewards.”

We ran the beacon program through the 4th quarter in 2015 atop the Rately Platform, and found great interest among local retailers who wanted to reach and reward their customers using the latest technologies. Through this initial market test for the platform, we learned a great deal – here are a few of the highlights that we now share with other retailers interested in beacons:

  • Promote the program benefits to customers (this is crucial)
  • Let shoppers know it’s working, and how to manage settings
  • Make your incentives real and compelling
  • Don’t forget that customer recognition is a reward in itself
  • Don’t just discount – be creative
  • Take advantage of the interaction to talk to customers
  • Integrate visitor rewards with your other marketing communication
  • Guide your customers to what’s new or popular
  • Privacy matters – for everyone


50+ Locations

Over 50 stores and restaurants participated in the program launch

200+ Rewards

Over 200 different rewards and special messaging for stores across the program