Park ‘N Fly, the nation’s leader in off-airport parking, reached out to Digital Scientists with the aspiration to make a seamless parking experience for their guests. From the point of booking online or with the mobile app, customers should be able to view and manage their planned travel itinerary with ease, and add additional services as plans change. The release of the new mobile app was scheduled to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the brand.

  • UX design
  • CX & Journey Mapping
  • iOS & Android app development
  • API development

Mobile Interface


A complete door-to-door experience:  Since the app was created and built around the management of parking reservations, it was necessary to plan the experience from start to finish. 

The single most important part of the product development journey is customer experience strategy. Our team is experienced with all of the aspects of launching a successful digital product – from market and competitive research and customer journey mapping to usability testing and strategic concepting, and all the way through to development.

Digital Scientists worked with the Park ‘N Fly team to address the concerns and wish lists of their customers. That research and information helped to shape the customer experience.

To start, customers are prompted to create a parking reservation and once created, it’s saved to the reservations list. When a parking date is upcoming – a reminder notification would be sent to the user, and the reservation is updated to show a prominent parking pass, with barcode and reservation details. 

As the parker arrives at the gate, they simply scan their phone using the barcode reader at the gate and receive instructions to their reserved parking space.

Once parked, a notification is sent to the on-site parking shuttle – alerting them that the customer is waiting at the designated space – and they are ready for pick-up. The Park ‘N Fly attendant arrives at the customer’s vehicle, helps to load their baggage, and offers a ride to the airport terminal. 

On the return flight, the Park ‘N Fly app is ready with return reservation details prominently shown on the day of arrival. Customers are picked up at the airport terminal and returned to their vehicle. On departure of the Park ‘N Fly lot, the parking reservation details are readily-accessible, including barcode to open the exit gate.

The new Park ‘N Fly app serves customers every step of the way:

  • Trip planning: Reservation is scheduled
  • Pre-departure: Trip reminder is sent
  • Day of departure: Parking details and gate code are prominently displayed
  • At the terminal: See shuttle wait times
  • Return to vehicle: Parking details and gate code are prominently displayed
  • Trip completion: Customer loyalty points are awarded and customer survey delivered


logo React Native

React Native

Enables quick and cost-effective development of the user experience

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet

Easily add your Frequent Parker card to your Apple Wallet for faster access to your Park ‘N Fly account.

iOS and Android Development

Apple iOS and Android

App was released for both iPhone and Android devices. HockeyApp was used for testing pre-market releases

Google Maps

Mapping services by Google Maps give better context to the airport locations in the app


The fully functional release was launched to the app stores in March of 2018.

Travelers now enjoy improved access to their accounts, gate access and loyalty information through the iPhone and Android apps. 

Separately, as part of their 50th anniversary celebration, the Park ‘N Fly team launched their updated web experience, emphasizing a bold new look and feel across the app and online experiences.


80+ locations

Serving over 80 locations in the domestic US market, and more internationally

38,000 installs

Over 38,000 installs across iOS and Android markets, with 14,000 active monthly users