Mountville Mills is one of the United States’ largest manufacturers of floor mats. The team at Mountville wanted to provide their sales channel with a streamlined process for delivering a design proof to their prospective customers – specifically for their logo mats business. We believed that creating an app would simplify to improve the conversion rates for prospects interested in purchasing logo mats.

With the previous process, Mountville sales representatives had to collect a logo and then forward it to the art department to generate a sales proof. The design group then placed that logo on a mat, and sent it back out for review. This part of the sales process took as long as four days.

  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Development
  • iOS & Android App Development


First, we needed to map out the current user journey to see where it could be shortened. Once we had this blueprint, we were able to design a single app that worked across all sales divisions with all devices, while offering a white-labeled (re-branded) experience for each division.

Sales associates can use the app to create a pre-proof of a customized mat on the spot by simply taking a photo of a logo. They can then show customers what the mats will look like, and work with them in real-time to modify and customize the mats to their liking. We built a smart preview tool that analyzes the logo uploaded and lets the associate collaborate with the customer to create a pre-proof logo mat.

Once the pre-proof is designed with the customer, it is then submitted to Mountville’s art department, who creates a final proof. The final proof is delivered back to the salesperson for review and approval by the customer. The app even acquires a signature from the customer, ensuring the final proof is approved for production. The pre-proof process cuts down on the number of design iterations required to receive an approval from the customer.

The Mountville Mills mobile apps were developed for iOS and Android using a single code base with the Ionic Framework and AngularJS. The mobile app was architected to be multi-tenant and multi-lingual, as the same app was required to support multiple divisions in the United States as well as the divisions operating in Europe. The Mountville Mills mobile app features advanced image manipulation APIs powered by Cloudinary. Our user experience design and mobile development teams worked closely with Mountville’s corporate IT team to ensure integration with their internal APIs.


We delivered a product that shortens the Mountville Mills’ sales cycle from four days to about four minutes. Mountville Mills’ goal has been to gather user feedback and usage data to learn what works and what doesn’t. Certain features may go unused, while others will rise to the top, giving us clues about where to take the next iteration of the product.

The goal is for the app to help salespeople sell all Mountville products, not just the customized mats. So it will be refined, adjusted and built upon until it becomes more than just a slick way to create logo mats, but an intuitive tool that makes salespeople’s lives easier, and generates additional revenue for Mountville.


logo of ionic

Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework offers mobile components and gestures for multi-platform development.

Logo of AngularJS by Google


The AngularJS framework was used for the single page application development and testing.

Logo of Cordova

Hybrid Development

Cordova (previously PhoneGap) gives multi-platform development flexibility.


4 Minutes

Length of time it takes to gather the logo, decreased from four days.

90 Days

Launched Mountville Mills app in only three months after starting the project..