Interface came to digital scientists with a desire to create MissionZero.org, the most credible sustainability social network and resource on the web. The Mission Zero™ vision began in 1994 when Ray Anderson, the founder and chairman of Interface, Inc., experienced an epiphany around creating a completely sustainable enterprise. Anderson’s enthusiasm for this vision, which was later named Mission Zero™, was contagious. His vision became the company’s vision, embraced by employees at every level and integrated into the company’s culture and beliefs.

Our Objective:
Support both businesses and individuals in learning about, and engaging in sustainability practices, to reduce their environmental impact.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Network app
  • Mobile app Development
  • UX Design
  • Digital Marketing


We designed and built the first social network around ecological sustainability, in partnership with Interface. With their leadership team, we distilled the values of their Mission Zero program, and created a content aggregator and social network. The network automatically collected articles across an array of news sources for the topics of Agriculture, Architecture, Business, Climate, Design, Energy, and Environment. Additionally, content curators would manage and add new articles to expand the network.

This comprehensive site includes the following features and applications:

  • 14 categories of sustainability news, incorporating feeds from over 300 hand-picked sites
  • A custom RSS feed reader – making it easy and fun to review news feeds – and rate up content for distribution in the category
  • Member dashboard, blog, group badges, and news tracking
  • Rich group functionality, letting organizations manage members or employees on the path to Mission Zero
  • Q-and-A section that lets anyone pose or respond to a sustainability related question
  • Event management and calendaring
  • Sustainability missions – specific actions or challenges to help members change behaviors (or just get credit for riding your bike to work)
  • Site activity visualization that highlights what’s new across the site

In addition to working with the Interface team to build Mission Zero, we’ve also helped bring together and manage an all-star group of Mission Zero Founding Partners, including the USGBC, Georgia Tech, and Subaru.


Our team worked with the Interface to create ways to identify the categories of content to list. We also helped create and curate content feeds for each of the sustainability categories. For purposes of legibility, the Mission Zero mark shown below was used across the Interface site – while the social network apps utilized its own square mark.

Mission zero infographic


logo of rails

Ruby on Rails

Sustainability content and content sources managedby Ruby on Rails MVC framework.

logo of html5 and css3


Web application build with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Simile, and YUI Grids.

logo of apple iOS xcode swift

Apple iOS Native Development

We’ve been building critically-acclaimed apps on the iOS platform since it was publicly launched in 2008. Access more features and create snappy experiences with a native iOS app.

Supporting the Mission

The Mission Zero message is based on core beliefs of Interface, Inc.
MissionZero.org and related phrasing were linked across the Interface site,
helping to promote awareness among the sustainably-minded.


The free Mission Zero app and social network was launched to warm reception by the sustainability community: Its easy-to-use interface made it convenient to access popular sustainability news across a number of common categories. Within a month of the app’s launch, it was featured in the iTunes store and has generated over 55,000 downloads.

We’re proud to have worked with the Mission Zero team on the marketing launch, the design and development of the iPhone app, and coordination of sustainability partners. Thanks to the explosive growth of iPhone users and sustainability group members, we’d seen a big uptick in site traffic at the release of each app.

Mission Zero: It’s a Mission that anyone can believe in.

(For more information about the Interface “Mission to zero emissions,” give Ray Anderson’s book a read:
Confessions of a Radical Industrialist tells the Interface reinvention story from the perspective of its founder.)

“The benefit of working with Digital Scientists is their experience and knowledge in the analysis of a working site. They are experts at what they do.”

photo of Jeff Roman of InterfaceFlor

Jeff Roman – Vice President, Information Services at Interface, Inc.


3 Apps

We built 3 apps to support the mission: Native iOS, HTML5 web app, and Native Blackberry


Within the first few months of launch, the app was featured in the iTunes store