Intent Solutions™, an Atlanta-based healthcare IoT startup, was intent on building a solution to address medical adherence in clinical research – and ensuring medication is taken at a specific time, at the right dose, and by the correct patient.

Their mission is to positively impact medication adherence and health outcomes by providing advanced dispensing tools and data management solutions to clinical researchers and healthcare providers.

Digital Scientists partnered with Intent Solutions to create a smart pill bottle that uses biometrics to securely deliver medication. Take As Directed, or tad, is a connected portable device that only dispenses medication at the right dose, at the right time, and most importantly, to the right patient.

  • Service design
  • iOS & Android app development
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • HIPAA-compliant platform from Amazon


The goal for Intent Solutions was to create a streamlined patient experience in a mobile app (MVP) that has the ability to collect real-time behavioral and compliance data for use by doctors and other clinicians as appropriate. Intent Solutions came to us with a physical device already created (the pill box), and we worked alongside Milestone Consulting (electronics development team),  to design and create three solutions:

  • An admin interface: This prescriber interface is used by a doctor, clinician, researcher or other professional and the admin sets the rules and parameters for each medication through the tad portal. This includes creating the prescription, dosage, timeline, etc.
  • A pharmacist interface: Through the admin app, the pharmacist has the ability to load the medications and instructions and hands the device over to the patient for use
  • A patient interface: The patient uses the app to track progress and dispensation of medication(s); receives notifications and reminders of when to take medication(s) and tracks any issues or symptoms that arise when taking medication(s). Information can be synced to the cloud and given to the doctor or clinician. The tad mobile app allows a patient to establish a personal identification number (PIN) and store the PIN in the Customer Admin Module. The tad mobile app can enable dispensation mode if a valid PIN is provided

In light of the increasing opioid abuse in Georgia and throughout the nation, Digital Scientists was proud to work with Intent Solutions to design a solution which has the potential to improve medical adherence and healthcare outcomes, and prevent misuse and abuse of prescription medications.

tad, the smart medication dispensing device:

  • Is built on a HIPAA-compliant platform from Amazon
  • Monitors & manage behavioral and adherence data in real-time
  • Collects patient survey responses during the course of prescription or drug trial
  • Provides patient information to help achieve better health outcomes


logo React Native

React Native

App interface and workflows built using components available in the React Native library, enabling the responsiveness of native apps for hybrid applications.

ios android

Apple iOS and Android

Apps built for the iPhone and Android markets, for both patient and pharmacist use cases.

Logo Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Enables sync of TAD dispensing device to mobile phone for synchronization of medication adherence data, and other recorded events.

Rails Logo

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails MVC framework provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.


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Stay tuned! Intent Solutions will undergo a market test with the app in early June. More information to come.


3 platforms

Built solution on 3 platforms: mobile, desktop & tablet

3 user interfaces

Designed interface for 3 different user types: patient, admin & pharmacist