Atlanticus Services Company, a holding company invested primarily in financial services companies (NASDAQ: ATLC), offers consumer financial products via Fortiva, the leader in second-look financing. Fortiva provides financial solutions to those with less than perfect credit and contacted Digital Scientists to create a state-of-the-art account management tool for their credit consumers – including a new banking portal and mobile apps with modern banking features.

For credit customers at Fortiva, the process of account management for one or multiple accounts online can be cumbersome. By allowing customers to view multiple accounts from a single dashboard, the effort required to view and manage accounts and preferences will be greatly reduced.

Additionally, the new solution improves accessibility from mobile and desktop devices, promotes good credit habits through real-time information, notifications & smart defaults, and creates opportunities for deeper engagement with existing customers.

  • UX design
  • iOS & Android app development
  • API development

Mobile Interface


Fortiva’s financial offerings include personal credit, retail credit, and personal loans. The primary consumer for Fortiva credit tools are buyers with less-than-prime credit.  Given the social complexities associated with limited access to credit, it was imperative that our approaches would serve the consumer’s best interest – by not hiding balance details or credit terms – and ensure that the interface is straightforward for important actions like making a payment, setting up autopay, and requesting help.

Customer Experience Strategy – Listening to Fortiva customers

The single most important part of the product development journey is customer experience strategy. Our team is experienced with all of the aspects of launching a successful digital product – from market and competitive research and customer journey mapping to usability testing and strategic concepting, and all the way through to development. Working with Fortiva, we heard many pain points from current customers:

  • I’m required to create an account again after signing up for credit
  • It’s too hard to set up autopay across all my accounts
  • I need help with smart decisions on when, how much to pay
  • I don’t know if I am improving my credit score or not
  • It’s too hard to sign up for additional offers

With these concerns in mind, we set out to design and build a consumer banking solution that would address those issues and more, while also increasing trust in Fortiva and the Atlanticus brands, as well as their retail partners. The consumers needed a streamlined approach to help plan their spending, set goals, improve payment consistency and ultimately, improve their credit score.


We worked with the Fortiva team to create a simple, understandable banking interface that works well wherever you are – mobile, tablet, or desktop. This solution includes improved web views for the Fortiva account and payment portal. For purposes of usability, the same features are available across all interfaces. This approach also lends to a simplified codebase, with fewer interfaces to support, test, and manage.


Our design and engineering teams worked together with Fortiva product leadership to create an entirely new and unified customer interface for a variety of their credit offerings. This included designing new customer workflows for account setup, and new application views for an expanded feature set,  including auto-payment and managing payments. The re-envisioned Fortiva interfaces were very well received by customer leadership and with customers in the app stores.

Additionally, we provided assistance for definition and documentation of the backend APIs, validation of customer security and authorization workflows, and coordination with the marketing team around product branding.


iOS and Android Development

Apple iOS and Android

Mobile app interfaces built for both iOS and Android platforms

logo of Ionic

Ionic 2

Single code base for iOS, Android, web and responsive to work with different form factors (e.g. iOS app, Android app, mobile web, iPad, iPad web, desktop web)

logo React Native


Credit card payment widget

logo TouchID

Fingerprint Authentication

Secure user authentication provided using Apple TouchID and Android Fingerprint Authentication


3 accounts

 App consolidates user access for multiple accounts: credit card, retail credit line & personal loans

3 login methods

App supports secure account login with: Username, TouchID or PIN access