The Faith and Freedom Coalition, working through their marketing firm, contacted Digital Scientists to create a platform for supporting their grassroots outreach. This platform not only helped support outreach, it helped put volunteers to work. We worked with the marketing team to develop VoterTrak – a  platform to coordinate volunteers, to help outreach to the community, to gather data and opinions on upcoming elections, and to help voters stay informed about opportunities to vote. VoterTrak was leveraged by a voting coalition stay connected with their members – and to to get the vote out.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • UX Design
  • Web Application Development



Built on Ruby on Rails, the tool was first implemented in Virginia and later rolled out to other states for future elections. Already equipped with dynamic survey creation and reporting, the tool allows for easy expansion for additional features. The organization can pull a report on people who have indicated that they can’t make it to the polls on election day and send instructions on how to vote early or apply for an absentee ballot in their district. With Google Maps integration, the team can see at a glance where the responses to the opinion polls were generated throughout the country.


logo of rails

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails MVC framework provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.

Rails Admin logo

Rails Admin CMS

RailsAdmin engine that provides the administrative backend for managing voter responses and preferences.

Google Places logo

Google Maps API

Google Places supported mapping features and location POI data. Additional consideration was given to opportunity for geofences, polling locations.


VoterTrak provided a powerful tool to co-ordinate and manage volunteers. It let them connect with their members – and raise a grassroots effort to get the vote out.


3 Months

Time from beginning of design to launch of new site.

1000+ Members

Number of member contacted to get the vote out.