FARMWAVE brings together a growing community of farmers, agronomists, crop scientists and researchers who know that sharing knowledge can make all the difference. By applying the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, FARMWAVE transforms data into actionable high-level information.

Partnering with the team from FARMWAVE, Digital Scientists designed and built the mobile application.


  • Mobile App Design
  • IOS & Android app development
  • Platform Roadmap

Helping Farmers Feed the World

FARMWAVE brings together a growing community of farmers, agronomists, crop scientists and researchers who know that sharing knowledge can make all the difference.


FARMWAVE leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify crop diseases and automate crop counts. FARMWAVE’s AI + machine learning capabilities use a crop photo from your smartphone and inputs from the FARMWAVE community and other farming partners to:

  • Accurately identify a crop or plant
  • Diagnose a pathogen, pest, or weed
  • Offer suggestions to treat affected crop or plants
  • Leverage expertise from a like-minded network
  • Build and grow a community

To kick-off the design aspect of this product, we gathered all FARMWAVE stakeholders and our project team to discuss the long-term vision of the product. These Destination Workshops are designed to gain a full understanding of the project goals, what unmet needs it will fulfill, and what the product will ultimately be, now and up to two years into the future.

We wanted to understand the big picture and where and how FARMWAVE fits in it. It gives us a target, a destination that we all work toward.

After the Workshop with FARMWAVE, we dug into understanding the journey of the user. We identified all of the user behaviors, variables and experiences customers encounter when wrestling with the problem we’re trying to solve.

Understanding the current journey gives us insights into the frustrations users may have and helps us see what solutions may be needed.

Along with the Workshop, the design team completed comparative and competitive research, user stories, a journey map, and user interviews as well.  


react native

React Native

Using the React Native framework allows for more rapid development of native-quality apps, without the effort and expense of native code.

apple ios

Apple iOS and Android

React Native apps released for the iOS and Android markets, for mobile devices.


Google TensorFlow

Proprietary Machine Learning (ML) models and algorithm created by the Farmwave team support the accurate diagnosis of crop anomalies in the field.

Dark Sky API

In-field data collection of data by farmers and agronomists is tagged with weather, temperature, precipitation and humidity from the Dark Sky API.

Google Maps

Google Maps

In-field photos are geotagged with map location at time of capture. This facilitates accurate tracking of issues on the map.
Farm location and parcel information facilitates sharing of information.



The Search features will allow for lightning-fast predictive results while a user is typing.

node js


Product API is built using Node.js.


Beta Launch
FARMWAVE launched in BETA on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, at the AgTech South conference, and is available for download via iOS and Android. Plans for additional FARMWAVE integrations with agtech partners are in the works for 2019 as well as other features. For more information, visit the FARMWAVE website.

Craig Ganssle - Farmwave Founder and CEO

“As a company that works in agriculture, defining our audience or customer is very difficult. Agriculture is a tough industry for technology adoption. Digital Scientists was pivotal in taking the time to understand the personas of our customer-base and how that would translate to work-flows in our SaaS. It was incredible to go through this process with Digital Scientists. We as a team uncovered more insight into our users than we had before.”

Craig Ganssle – Founder & CEO of FARMWAVE


3 months

Hard-working teams made it possible to complete MVP in 3 months.

35,000 species

FARMWAVE connected to university databases with over 35K crop & pest species.