Deluxe Corporation provides customer engagement and retention services to more than 5,700 financial institutions across North America. With products ranging from the more traditional to the leading edge, Deluxe is well-positioned to help financial institutions of all sizes grow their businesses. As the financial services industry rapidly evolves to meet the growing digital needs of businesses and consumers, Deluxe wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how their clients were being impacted by this changing digital landscape. Learn more about our Market Research services.

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Deluxe turned to Digital Scientists with a set of questions:
How are financial institutions reprioritizing their marketing budgets as digital technologies and changing customer behaviors shift the competitive landscape? Which set of digital products and services will deliver the greatest ROI across all institutions and consumer demographics? What is the best strategy for engaging the next generation of financial services consumers?


In crafting a research plan for Deluxe, we first needed to distill the core drivers behind the research to identify the appropriate methodologies. Our task was straight-forward: Develop a research strategy capturing the multiple factors influencing digital marketing spend within the financial institutions. Recognizing the close ties between the decision-making process at the financial institutions and the consumers they seek to engage, our approach was to provide a 360-degree view of the financial services industry by combining our Thought-Leader Insights process with the Voice of the Consumer Compass (VOC). Deluxe was able to impart their century of industry knowledge and experience on customizing these products, ensuring the objectives were fully supported by the research plan.

“Digital Scientists provided us with the insights necessary for identifying an optimal mix of digital products and services for any size financial institution.”

photo of Scott Wallace - deluxe Vice President of Marketing

Scott Wallace – Deluxe Vice President of Marketing


A key objective heading into the data collection and analysis phase of the research was to synthesize and calibrate both the quantitative and qualitative data toward identifying the “sweet spot” of digital marketing features and products. Once this was accomplished, Deluxe quickly recognized the potential for targeting high-value, underserved niche categories by sharpening the focus. We worked with Deluxe to further refine the data, unearthing numerous unique opportunities to differentiate their product and service offerings. An outcome of this collaborative approach to the analysis was a series of white papers on customer engagement and retention.

The white papers produced from this analysis can be found here:


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Accurately defining target audiences and methodologies ensures a strategy for success for new concepts or markets.

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In designing a research plan, we work closely with the client to ensure every nuance of a project is accurately represented.

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We don’t hide behind “black box” methodologies with our analysis. Incorporating the client’s perspective at this crucial stage always adds value.

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Great analysis is useless if not communicated properly. We bring clarity to the data through compelling storytelling that engages audiences.


The results from this Market Research project with Deluxe yielded a 360-degree view of the financial services industry. This perspective allows Deluxe to focus on the types of digital marketing investments that both best serve client interests – and provide the greatest utility to the company at large. As with Deluxe, we’ve seen consistently that the best products and services are both informed of the market landscape, and are intentionally aimed to serve consumers at the points of greatest opportunity and need.


49 Respondents

We gathered respondent data from 49 senior marketers, within the Financial Institutions segment.

1k+ Respondents

Over 1,000 consumers responded to survey questions asked about their Financial Institution preferences.