Cortland Partners contacted our team to build a mobile and tablet application for the management of construction and maintenance operations across their various properties. It was important that their entire team could access open projects, add notes or issues to a jobsite, and communicate while the construction process was taking place. With this instruction, we started our Product Blueprint exercise to outline what was needed before starting development.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Mobile App Design
  • User Experience Design
  • iOS & Android App Development


Together with Cortland Partners, we designed, prototyped, and built an easy to use Building Information Management (BIM) tool. It’s a GPS-enabled HTML5 tablet and mobile application that gives property development and remodeling teams the ability to document building and maintenance activity in real time while on a property site.

Everyone from architects to commercial designers to project managers gain visibility to activity on a property development or remodeling project – has the electrical team installed the new lighting systems, have the painters completed the lobby, has the landscaping been installed?

  • Users interact with a visual representation of a property map to capture and share notes and photos at their exact location.
  • Built on HTML5 platform to allow the app to work on modern web-enabled devices
  • Browse data across multiple properties and view, filter or add notes at specific locations
  • At-a-glance view of a property shows all activities in progress
  • Filtering: Narrow results shown on the map with filters for date, type of activity, and team member
  • View activity details: Navigate a property and view detailed notes, photos, and team member comments
  • Create actions: Create an action to be completed and notify team members
  • Administration features allow the set up of new properties, teams, and access rights


For each application we build, we create a Visual Styleguide, and a Development Styleguide. This ensures that all stakeholders across the project – designers, developers, product owner, and client stakeholders – have access to the latest application visual styles, iconography, UI elements and components, as they will be applied throughout the product. Additionally, a development styleguide helps ensure consistent application of styling throughout. While some projects merit custom iconography, others can use existing brand assets. For this Cortland Partners application, we extended existing iconographic elements with a popular icon style at the time of the project.

Illustration of sprite sheet


logo of html5 and css3


Responsive layouts work across all screen sizes – mobile, tablet, and desktop.

logo of google maps APIs

Google Maps API
Enables real-time map overlay for displaying of user location, relative to property sitemap.

logo of rails

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails MVC framework provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.

logo of rails admin

RailsAdmin engine that provides the administrative back end for managing POI locations, users, property, and location notes data.


We worked with Cortland Partners to create a BIM tool that proves to be useful and insightful to the entire team — allowing property managers and support staff to track construction and maintenance on the map. The resulting product works well across multiple screen sizes – from mobile, to tablet, and even desktop browsers.


90 Days

We built the Cortland Partners property management tool in under 90 days.

90 Communities

Cortland Partners manages over 90 communities nationwide, across 8 states.