Based on our previous experience building social networks, Conisus approached our team with a vision for a new type of doctor’s network – that would support different types of doctors, at every stage of experience, through their journey in the industry.

For purposes of practice and confidentiality, the network would be closed to the layperson (and the influence of the pharmaceutical industry) – and would foster camaraderie and trust among practicing medical professionals. Additionally, the network would be solely focused on the needs of the oncologist, given it’s constantly changing knowledgebase and physician needs are uniquely challenging.

With this vision, we set out to create s-Phase, a new type of physician network.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Network Design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Website Design


Building an Online Community

The purpose for s-Phase was to make it easier for an oncologist to do their work, through an online information and support community. From a basic peer review of a test sample, to help navigating the legal, political, and financial aspects of the industry.


We designed and developed an invitation-only social network for oncologists & hematologists.
The s-Phase team provided a rich background of the marketspace, and our team shared our knowledge of design patterns and social network development. With a concept in mind – a secure oncology forum that expands on the best features of content networks like Digg and StackOverflow – we outlined a digital strategy, and proceeded with a series of wireframes to build the online community. Only a few short months later, the fully-functional network prototype was completed.

Example outline of the user journey for an oncologist:

  • Join the Network:
    • Visit the s-Phase website, read about the application, its network benefits and goals.
    • Create a verified s-Phase profile through a request invitation link – or a referral from an existing member.
    • Complete profile details, including photo, industry specialization, company details, contact information.
  • Visit the Question and Answer forum to read peer questions:
    • Share your answer to an open question and attach a reference article.
    • Browse Q-and-A discussions chronologically, through search, or filter by keyword/tags and category.
    • Vote up Q-and-A content that you find particularly useful.
    • Post a question about a salient topic in your practice, or about your industry; view responses from others.
  • Improve the quality of the network:
    • Peruse the user directory to find contact details for a user that answered your question – make a direct connection.
    • Be recognized and earn badges for your contribution to the network.
    • Read the periodic newsletter from s-Phase, and contribute to articles and questions listed in the email.
    • Invite colleagues who you think will benefit from the community.


logo of html5 and css3


Our frontend team created new, customized layouts site pages. A new navigation treatment was introduced to make the site easier to navigate.

logo of rails

Ruby on Rails

We created custom web and application layouts, as well as a CMS for managing content on the corporate site.


For the new oncology network concept, our team delivered a digital strategy, then followed through with the necessary assets to launch the online community:

  • A range of wireframes and design concepts, reviewed through final selection of layouts & visual design
  • HTML and CSS for all application layouts
  • Complete social network buildout
  • Supporting marketing and digital strategy

At the end of the project, the Conisus team was pleased to bring the functional prototype of the online community to their board for testing with prospective oncologists and vetting with their legal team. The soft launch for the s-Phase community started the following year.


8 Months

From strategy and concept, through design and development, our team built the network app in 8 months.

3 Phases

The product launch was divided into three phases: Strategy & Design, App Development, Testing & Launch.