AmericasMart Atlanta is one of the world’s largest wholesale trade centers. They have over 7 million square feet of space and host over 500,000 visitors each year. Navigating the massive campus is an overwhelming experience. AmericasMart reached out to Digital Scientists to create a tool to help visitors and vendors get the most out of each market.

  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Digital Product Blueprint
  • Javascript development
  • Mobile App development


We developed the AmericasMart Atlanta app, an in-depth buyer’s market solution. Digital Scientists and the AmericasMart team reconceived a connected, mobile-enabled buyer experience that provides organizational tools for the market buyer and vendor:

  • Interactive exhibitor profiles that include social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter), product images, booth location with Google maps and directions within the Mart, and complete overviews of each exhibitor.
  • Detailed search results for exhibitors, product lines, categories, events, food, services, and apparel sales reps in list, gallery, map, and floor view.
  • Google maps of AmericasMart separated by floor so that users can find amenities, exhibitors, food locations, etc.
  • An augmented reality and QR scanner to use with the AmericasMart book and to find one’s location in the Mart by scanning signage.
  • A mobile Market Plan so users can store exhibitors they want to visit; make appointments; and take notes.
  • Market specific information for a complete overview of shows, directors, and more!

The digital directory simplifies campus navigation. We incorporated Google mapping technology. Each building’s floors were electronically mapped. This allows visitors easy and efficient campus navigation.

Visitor’s tools such as Market Planner and Vendor Profiles shows the interactive exhibitor profile’s section. The mobile Market Planner stores visitor-created lists. The lists can include exhibitors they want to visit, appointments, and notes. The vendor profile contains vendor details, social media feeds, product images and booth locations.


AngularJS logo by Google


The AngularJS framework was used for simplification of development and testing for AmericasMart applications.

Layar logo

Google Maps API

Google Places and Foursquare provided much of the location POI data. Additional engineering was required to accurately follow course at interstate interchanges.

elastic logo png

Layar Augmented Reality

Utilization of Layar’s browsers controls the augmented reality technology in the app.

Google Maps APIs logo

Google Maps API

For the map overlay for monitoring of station locations and data.

NodeJS logo


Node.js was used to developed server side applications.


To deliver the kind of anywhere access that AmericasMart buyers needed, we developed iPhone, iPad, and Android apps – as well as a complementary responsive website. The seamless integration of market search with location and mapping features helped marketgoers navigate their trip. Additionally, the ability for buyers to create a Market Plan before visiting AmericasMart directly supported the features requested by the target market. On the day of the mobile application’s release, marketgoers and buyers resoundingly approved the new mobile app.



Search markets and vendors across all seven million square feet of marketspace at AmericasMart

500K visitors

Each year, AmericasMart is host to over 500,000 visitors – including market buyers, shoppers, and numerous events.