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Test a new strategy in 5 days.

Remote Design Sprints help teams that need to quickly prototype a new product, service strategy, or feature by reducing costly exploration time through a proven, fast-paced process. These sprints are facilitated remotely by our experts.

A few of our clients:

A Remote Design Sprint can help your business:

  • Launch a new product
  • Shift your product strategy
  • Improve an existing product or service
  • Test a new customer experience
  • Find ways to gain new customers
  • Cast a vision with your team for the future

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The Process:

The Remote Design Sprint compresses months of time into a single week. Unlike a traditional co-located design sprint, we can facilitate a remote sprint for you and your team wherever you may be located around the world.

Day 1

Workshop – Define the Challenge + Solutions

Day 2

Workshop – Storyboarding + Wireframing

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

Results + Next Steps

Why Digital Scientists?

Our team of designers and product managers are trained facilitators – experts at the Design Sprint process who understand how to engage your team, empathize with the problems you’re facing, and get things done.

The product team at Digital Scientists is a senior-level group of digital product and experience experts – we bring our collective experience as product designers and developers to each design sprint, adding confidence that the concepts we propose can be brought to market quickly.

What is a typical Design Sprint day like?

A typical Sprint day begins at 10 am and lasts until 4 pm, with several short breaks and an hour for lunch. Our team facilitates the Sprint through Miro and Google Meet.

Prototype Deliverable

At the conclusion of the week, you’ll receive a user-tested clickable prototype that will determine if your concept resonates with customers, before you commit to full product development.

Holbrook – design sprint

a shared team vision and a single, validated concept

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Change happens fast. Start your transformation with a Remote Design Sprint now.