Managed Analytics

Learn about Managed Analytics, a service that delivers new data, real insights, and expert recommendations, every month.

We run the numbers so you can run your business

Google analytics + omniture
  • Get access to previously unavailable data from our analytics tool, that works in conjunction with Google Analytics or Omniture.
  • A disciplined, executive-level monthly analysis and report, taking into account your objectives, marketing investments, and desired conversions / behaviors
  • Specific, marketing-focused recommendations regarding what marketing could do to drive improvement - month after month

Analytics insights you won't find anywhere else

  • Competitor sites 5141a60444e70601cbb0269a8bf055928347bb451464f085df12ca76b1563fe5 See what competitor sites prospects have visited.
  • Identify media ca76e913d6713975be16c7891dbe4e8b904b083d08a3bcdc82011df0d8892e31 Identify online media properties that target users visit.
  • Overlay trends f62b9c2fad22fce975049076ee62f5c77f448d9eb64834f42a6f8edeaebbada6 Overlay Google search trends on top of user activity on your site
  • Overlay data a33eb927e75d5e2e1cff9555168318c5f5098c513a6e306b5426d892cf9d410d Overlay offline and online marketing campaign data on user activity

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