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We’re Digital Scientists - a mobile innovation company. We can help you put apps to work to create new services, new capabilities, or a new business.

We’re a mobile innovation lab with a local, experienced team of UX designers & developers. We develop mobile apps (iPhone, Android, HTML5, hybrid), custom software, websites & digital platforms for modern devices: Mobile, digital display, internet of things. We leverage the latest frameworks & tools (Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS3, AngularJS, Ionic Framework, Beacons, Elasticsearch) to build cutting-edge products. We build fast & take products from concept to market in 90 days.

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Newest Apps

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA iOS and Android Apps

NAPA, official sponsor of NASCAR moves into the fast lane with its iOS and Android apps. Designed to put you in the driver’s seat and give you one touch access to key timesaving features, like the VIN Scanner: Locate the right part, first time by simply scanning your vehicle’s VIN barcode.

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Road Ninja


With digital & static signage in over 200 markets, Lamar Advertising is the largest outdoor advertising company. They came to us to help rethink their business for mobile devices. RoadNinja reinvents outdoor ads and positions Lamar as a powerful partner for reaching consumers, delivering brand messages & promotions, and increasing sales.

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Gables Tablet

Gables Tablet Sales Application

After our successful creation and launch of a state of the art search application and corporate site for Gables, we were thrilled when they asked us to bring our design thinking to their sales and leasing process. The objective - create a state of the art iPad experience for prospective residents and leasing associates.

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Information Tycoon

Information Tycoon

We worked with Information Tycoon to develop an easy to use Building Information management tool. It’s a GPS-enabled Cross Platform tablet / mobile application that gives property development and remodeling teams the ability to document building and maintenance activity in real time while on a property site.

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Hubbell Power Systems partnered with Digital Scientists to build an easy-to-use product search application called HPS Select. The HPS Select app, for both iPhone and Android users, is designed for power transmission & distribution customers, sales representatives, and distributors, to quickly search and specify their Hubbell Power Systems product(s).

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AmericasMart approached Digital Scientists to transform its buyer experience in conjunction with the launch of high-speed wifi throughout their campus. The answer came in the form of a transformed digital buyer experience – complete with on-campus maps, buyer-focused faceted search and market planning tools, and responsive layouts for desktop and mobile devices.

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Experience working with the full range of tools to build apps to work across largest platforms.

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Responsive web
Logo apple b9646ff8573dd15de8c32a4192ebebc6afc14868735126e561c5305b38fed386 Native iOS
iPhone, iPad, iTouch
Logo android robot 37f4258272e19da5b928a54c020f2e266a00f0a9b6016534639b598605daac73 Native Android
Phones, Tablets


Experience working with common and not so common APIs

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Experience working with the full range of tools to build apps to work across largest platforms. Experience building complex server-side applications to support mobile apps.

Logo elasticsearch wordmark 02939e009b099a33dd77dae6d84fc46b936d26ee94e5078ca397503f46d26741
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Ionic 26b6e31bdaa4a1b735615afa57b8dfc67cea2f1c5d1e54bc9192cf24967958f6
Rails d14dd402a5a765de4da8951d769d6a2ce90c3501c6f6d05a99c9c2cb8a814d59
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