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HPS Select - Interactive Product Catalog and Configurator


Hubbell Inc. is a $4.5B global manufacturer of electrical and electronic products for construction, industrial and utility applications. Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) sells more than 230,000 different electrical products. Customers of Hubbell Power Systems needed an easy way to search and configure products. Hubble Power reached out to Digital Scientists to create that solution, an easy-to-use product search application called HPS Select for both iPhone and Android users.

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Hubbell Power needed a single way for users to search and find product information. We developed a single view of all products in spite of many different brands and sources of product data. This single view included detailed product specifications, line drawings and images for 200,000+ products.

HPS defined a new product taxonomy and new product groupings to improve search and navigation. Products are searchable by name, category and product facet. HPS Select includes a competitor cross-reference search, which is multi-brand, part-equivalency matching. Users are also able to create, save and share lists of parts (i.e. bills of materials). 

HPS Select is a single application that is available as a mobile app and as a mobile/desktop website. Hubbell Power extended HPS Select to include two product configurator tools. We redesigned existing offline configurators to function as online tools. 

Ionic - Flexible Mult-Platform Development

Hybrid Development
Ionic framework gives multi-platform development flexibility.

Angular Js - Simplify Hybrid Aplication Development And Testing

The AngularJS framework was used for the simplification of hybrid application development and testing.

Apache Cordova - Hybrid Development

Hybrid Development
Apache Cordova gives multi-platform development flexibility.

Android Crosswalk - Multi-Device Compatibility Testing

Android Crosswalk
Crosswalk assisted us with Android multi-device and mutli-version compatibility testing.

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HPS Select was created to give users a single point of access to Hubbell Power Systems’ broad set of product data. The improved user experience has made HPS Select popular with specifying engineers, application engineers and Hubbell Power Systems’ own customer support team. Users appreciate the improved speed of product search as well as access to online configuration and list building tools. 

“They were very creative in their problem solving and in their approach to building the app.... they did a phenomenal job.”

Will Costanza - Hubbell Power Systems

Will Costanza – Former Director of Marketing, Hubbell Power Systems




Browse over 200,000 parts in the HPS inventory, across several product categories.



Two offline product selection tools converted to online configurators

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