Market Research:
Mapping your project's success


Digital Scientists wants to ensure your idea is well-received in the marketplace before committing valuable resources on a new product blueprint or redesign. By employing our research services, we’ll provide you with the critical insights and perspectives needed when entering new markets or emerging technologies. With a suite of research products ranging from the expansive, macro-level view of industry standards and trends, to the more niche, micro-level view of targeted audiences and contexts, we have a solution to suit your specific needs. And, when combined with our design services, execution is fully integrated and concurrent with all stages of product development, ensuring minimal impact to production timelines.


Online Focus Groups
Online Focus Groups

Capturing insights from any market or audience quickly, our approach retains all the advantages of traditional groups without the usual travel costs and delays.

Mobile Geo-Fencing

When reactions to external stimuli or device-specific features are needed "in-the-moment," our geofencing solution can accurately target audiences and locations.

App Based Surveying
App-Based Surveying

Whether looking to build a custom app for your research needs, or simply want the benefits of an app-based environment when collecting data, we’ll have the right fit for your needs.

Remote Usability
Remote Usability

Accommodating any specific protocol, our innovative screen technologies improve on the traditional model by capturing every gesture and on-screen interaction.

Adaptive Survey Design
Adaptive Survey Design

Accessible on any device using any browser or OS, our surveys are bullet proof, ensuring your target audience is never left out of the mix.

Multimedia Intergration
Multimedia Integration

From advertising to logo testing to TV programming, we provide faithful renderings of any type of multimedia stimuli across any device.


Innovation involves a certain amount of risk. Our objective is to not only deliver user-friendly products, but also to ensure they satisfy consumer expectations. In order to achieve the outcome you envision for your project, we recommend you first consider answering the following five questions:

1. How much demand is there for my new idea / product?
Do you know the size of the market you are competing in or entering?
Can you estimate your share of the market based on demand for your new idea / product offering?

2. Who are the target end-users of my new idea / product?
How do they perceive your products and brand?
What are their needs vis-a-vis your products or services and how are you making their lives easier?

3. How will my new idea / product impact my brand?
With more than half of all search occurring on mobile, your target audience will most likely first encounter your brand on a mobile device. Is your new idea/product consistent with your overall brand strategy?

4. Which features in my new idea / product are most appealing?
How do these features differentiate you from competing interests?
Will these features encourage repeat usage?

5. What is the most effective method of generating greater awareness and interest in my new idea / product?
Does your marketing strategy account for the unique needs of your new idea / product?
Do you know the best way to communicate with your target audience?

If you are not confident in answering any one of these five questions, we would be happy to discuss an appropriate research solution to help you achieve the success your project deserves.

Digital Survey Tools
Our research experts are well-versed in the creation of statistically-accurate surveys.
Based on the targets and design of your survey, we can sample in-person, by phone, or remotely.
How Research Aligns with Product Development

Innovation involves a certain amount of risk. Our objective is not only to deliver elegantly-designed, user-friendly products, but also to ensure they find their target audience quickly with features that meet or exceed consumer expectations. Incorporating research into the production process can greatly reduce the risk associated with launching new products or redesigns with minimal impact to your project’s production schedule.

Applying Marketing Research Throughout Your Product Plan

An ideal scenario would include a round of custom quantitative and qualitative research to ensure success. If you are unfamiliar with the differences between quantitative and qualitative, here are some definitions to guide you:

Quantitative Research is used to quantify the problem by way of generating numerical data or data that can be transformed into useable statistics. It is used to quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and other defined variables – and generalize results from a larger sample population.

Qualitative Research is primarily exploratory research. It is used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations. It provides insights into the problem or helps to develop ideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research. Qualitative Research is also used to uncover trends in thought and opinions, and dive deeper into the problem.


Objective measures of data collected through Polls, Questionnaires, or Surveys

Focus Groups, In-Context Ethnography, Usability, and In-depth Interviews

Research View Expansive View of Market or Industry Tactical and Precise with Specific Protocols
Best For Defining Market Size, Target Audiences, Product Appeal, and Priorities Determining Featureset Refinements, Consumer Motivations, and Emotional Triggers
Advantages Results are representative of broader population;
Enables Benchmarking and Segmentation
Uncovers nuances and subtleties of Product Usage and Perceptions;
Provides Insights on Attitudes and Behavior
Disadvantages Structured format is less capable of capturing contextual detail Small sample prohibits generalizing results

Our research specialties are grouped into four different approaches.
Each approach can be utilized alone, or in combination with other approaches as necessary.

Research Services

Thought Leader Insight

When you need to get beneath the surface of statistics and information and learn what the “in-the-know” crowd really thinks, we’ll conduct in-depth discussions with industry leaders to gain exclusive insights on growth trends and key innovations. The insights gained from these discussions serve to guide the product development process, ensuring your product offerings stay one step ahead of industry expectations.

Thought Leader Insight
Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Consumer

Our qualitative and quantitative research offerings utilize the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your ideas are accurately represented, study participants represent your target audience, and results answer provide clear direction. Whether your needs call for a deeper understanding of consumer motivations, or capturing market data on specific features, we have a research solution that will ensure the consumer’s voice is heard before committing valuable resources.

Mobile Context Inquiry

For instances of product iteration and refinement, observing and interviewing users of products in their actual environment and understanding the context in which a product is used can better provide insights on the issues affecting consumer adoption and usage. Our Mobile Context Inquiry is a discovery process utilizing the latest mobile technologies and research techniques to capture consumer sentiment at the moment of exposure or action. This process should be used as an input to all mobile app development.

Mobile Context Inquiery - Digital Marketing
Usability / In-Depth Interviews

Usability / In-Depth Interviews

A key aspect of the broader UX-design process, our usability testing in combination with in-depth interviews not only provides you with a set of specific design and functionality recommendations, but also arms you with a foundation of understanding for updating and building more marketable products going forward.


Digital Product

Define your product, features, design & workflows: Everything you need to build a great application.

Minimum Viable Product

Work with experts to design, build and launch a new product or service in 90 days.

New Product Development

Collaborate with our experienced product team to build innovative software.

Innovation Design Sprint

Join us for a 5-day design sprint to define and prototype your new digital product or business.

Customer Experience Strategy

Clarify your destination and develop new solutions for delivering value to your customers.


Use quantitative and qualitative methods to get user insights and validate your concept.

Keep up with our latest thinking on digital innovation