Digital transformation program

Transform your customer experience and start growing.

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Spark growth and capture new market share for your existing products and services with our digital transformation program, a structured approach that can dramatically improve the user experience and help you leverage highly innovative technologies.

Reinvent your tech stack

Generate a vision and plan for your business through a structured program that assesses your strategic direction, focuses on your customer’s journey, and helps you evaluate your readiness for future platform development.

Minimize risk and focus your software investment on opportunities that can make a difference. Stop wasting precious resources building software that doesn’t solve key issues or provide value to your customers. Through a structured process that uncovers the real needs of your customer and organization, we can help you identify the most high-impact technology investments that can improve your bottom line.

The Process

Our digital transformation program follows a proven standardized process that enables us to deeply understand your business, market conditions, and customer journey.

Each engagement begins with a remote workshop, in which we invite key stakeholders from your organization to share their experiences and challenges. This helps us quickly gain a deep understanding of where your business is today. From there, we continue to collaborate with your team leaders on a weekly basis as we take you through each phase of the program:

The Process

Program phases

Business & market analysis

This initial phase helps us understand your current business challenges as we guide you through a step-by-step analysis of your company purpose, vision, and offerings.

Technical assessment

Here we review your company’s current solution architecture to understand how it powers your existing products or offerings.

Customer experience assessment

Through research, observation, and interviews, we’ll compile a complete picture of your customer journey – uncovering their needs, behaviors, and pain points.

Future vision & recommendations

At this point we gather and synthesize the results of the activities and analysis performed to frame insights and share areas of opportunities that will enable your team to dive into potential new and innovative offerings.

Product design & development

As the culmination of our market analysis, technical assessment, and customer journey assessment, we create a digital roadmap with a comprehensive view of applications that might align with your company vision and improve your customer journey. From team dashboards to new customer service portals, we can build solutions to enhance internal processes or to improve your customer’s user experience.

What is the engagement like?

Our digital transformation experts are trained to help teams uncover what’s broken and to help build a healthy plan for future platform development. We help teams identify the right investments to solve key issues and provide value to your customers, helping to eliminate risk and waste in your digital ecosystem.

From short-term engagements that bring a sense of urgency, to long-term partnerships that require ongoing collaboration on multiple products, we have the capabilities and expertise to help you build a comprehensive digital roadmap customized for your specific business and customer. A typical client engagement generally ranges from $100k – $350k and lasts approximately two months.