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Achieve long-term value with our end-to-end digital transformation program.

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As new technologies and evolving customer expectations force business leaders to rethink their current business model, many organizations are seeking digital transformation consulting to achieve faster growth and disrupt competitors. Yet new technologies alone often fail to achieve desired results. Radical change requires more than good strategy. Successful and sustainable transformation requires end-to-end innovation planning – from insight to implementation.

Digital Transformation Atlanta

Good strategy needs great execution

Our digital transformation consulting focuses on three core components of innovation:

  • Business model
  • Product
  • Process

Partnering with our strategic partner, M1six, we provide an end-to-end digital transformation program that can help you uncover insights into market dynamics and disruption, dive into strategic growth opportunities within your target customer segments, and build an actionable innovation roadmap.

Digital Transformation Consulting

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation embraces a strategy to uncover new opportunities that will help drive growth and customer acquisition & engagement. 

We provide a structured digital transformation program that can help address your most critical challenges. Among them are a need to:

  • Grow faster and innovate
  • Strategically align with the market
  • Source the right talent
  • Explore why a new product has failed
  • Respond to a market disruption, such as a new competitor, offering, or feature
  • Define a vision or path forward

Each of these pain points requires a deep understanding of the market, customers, prospects & innovation, and each corresponding solution needs to be mapped out to produce the best route to success. 

Empower your team to improve efficiencies, drive better decision-making, and create more personalized customer experience. Digital transformation done right, most often yields better, faster, and more cost-effective results.

Digital transformation user journey

Program phases


Business architecture

Receive an outline of the underlying factors and value creation that is driving challenges or opportunities, specifically with your ideal customer segments and business model.


Value chain deconstruction

Gain insights into the primary factors of user adoption, engagement, and market dynamics that are driving market growth.


User experience mapping

Holistic view of market dynamics, including identification of ideal customer segments; the user journey and their products, features, functionality, and gaps; and customer KPIs.


Service blueprint / customer journeys

At this point we gather and synthesize the results of the activities and analysis performed to frame insights and share areas of opportunities that will enable your team to dive into potential new and innovative offerings.


Digital transformation strategy

As the culmination of our market analysis, technical assessment, and customer journey assessment, we create a digital transformation strategy with a comprehensive view of applications that might align with your company vision and improve your customer journey.


What a typical digital transformation roadmap looks like:

Digital Transformation Roadmap

What we deliver:

  • Research insights + market dynamics
  • Business architecture
  • Customer segments
  • Value chain experience map
  • Service blueprint
  • Solution architecture
  • Informed product growth strategy