A discipline for converting visitors to buyers (and improving profits)

What is it?

Conversion Optimization is the science of how to turn more of your site visitors into buyers. Most site visitors leave without doing anything (in analytics, we call that a bounce). Conversion optimization works to reduce bounces and help connect visitors to what you're selling and close the deal.

Conversion Optimization is the science of converting MORE of your {#link_to 'site visitors', '/blog/use-lifetime-referral-value-to-evaluate-social-medias-role-in-the-marketing-mix'} visitors to customers

Why is it important?

It's the best way to make all of your traffic generating marketing investments more productive (and make your brand or company more profitable)

Obstacles to conversion

How does this compare to something like SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of improving  your organic search results, while Conversion Optimization focuses on the improvement of your ability to convert your site visitors to buyers by removing obstacles to conversion.

Put another way, SEO can increase the number of site visitors, Conversion Optimization improves your ability to make money from them.

So, what sort of stuff is included?

Just as with SEO, there are a lot of potential tools in the toolkit to improve conversions - everything from improved messaging to multi-variate testing and endless marketing analytics wizardry. There are some trusted approaches and a lot of testing and learning. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but every improvement yields immediate results.


How do I learn more?

You know how this works. Just <a href="#">let us know</a> that you're interested and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Toolkit includes

Digital Scientists is proud to be a Google Analytics Certified Partner -- we are also expertly-versed in the Omniture and Coremetrics suites.

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