We build products that we'd love to use.

We're Digital Scientists

We’re scientists with a heart for the user. We believe in the scientific method - Together with our clients we hypothesize (i.e. research, design & consult), experiment (i.e. build, launch, iterate) and analyze (review insights and analytics) to define, launch and enhance software products in our lab. We believe in transparency with our clients, and in striving for simplicity for our users.

We use the newest technologies

We leverage the latest frameworks and tools in building cutting edge products. Our focus is on taking advantage of these new tools to help us build products for all kinds of devices: mobile, IoT, digital display, television, etc.

We build things fast

Time to value is important, so we believe in getting products in the hands of users as quickly as possible. We leverage open-source tools and components to help accelerate our efforts to bring new products to market.

We're an integrated team

Designers and developers work side by side at Digital Scientists. We believe in working together and collaborating with our clients. Creative tension and energy drive continuous improvement. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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We're a short drive north of Atlanta, GA

We are proud to be part of Alpharetta, but also consider Atlanta to be our home town. Our work is personal, so we invite clients to our office, or we often go to them.

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Our Office

We are located in the heart of downtown Alpharetta (across the street from City Hall) in a building dated from 1910.

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We’re a passionate, close-knit team who take our craft seriously. We celebrate the journey with clients, partners, colleagues and family.

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