Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power is the best way to buy everything from electronics to home goods online when you don’t want to use cash or credit (but do want purchases deducted from your paycheck).

We have worked with Purchasing Power to develop a comprehensive, monthly review of digital marketing analytics. Most importantly, when it came to integrating multiple analytics tools, they chose us to help them pull all of their tools together to create a monthly review and set of recommendations for how to grow their business.

So many companies struggle with the inability to integrate analytics tools. In this instance, on a monthly basis, we help bring together marketing investments (comparing results on everything from PPC to landing pages to email campaigns) and actual ecommerce sales to reach that oh so elusive Return on Marketing Investment.

For Purchasing Power, we've helped them make the transition to thinking that their marketing is working to knowing it is (and also knowing how to optimize marketing throughout the year.)

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