Bluewater Thermal Solutions

Bluewater Thermal Solutions is a supplier of thermal material solutions for metals and composites. They have a long record of attentive customer service, striving to match each of their clients with the most appropriate solution, even if it means unprecedented, tailored approaches. Additionally, their client list is enviable: they've provided solutions for firms like General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Harley-Davidson, Lear, Gulfstream, Honeywell, and Catepillar.

Bluewater had a solid track record of solving problems for leading companies, but their existing website and graphic identity indicated neither their successful history nor the bright future ahead of them. Recently acquired by a prominent venture capital firm, Bluewater's leadership brought in Digital Scientists to foreground the company's strengths and position them for aggressive growth as experts in their field.

Digital Scientists conducted interviews with Bluewater leadership and uncovered an undeniable culture of expertise. Based on their past experiences and their vast knowledge base, it was imminently clear that Bluewater was much more than just a service provider.

Toward that end, Digital Scientists endeavored to systematically position Bluewater as a potential clients' trusted partner for reducing manufacturing costs. It was from that strong strategic foundation that Digital Scientists created a powerful visual identity for Bluewater - the bold, modern, mark refers to the firm's multiplicity of capabilities. Clear, confident typography is used across print, digital, and environmental applications to articulate and reinforce the firm's position as trusted experts.

Finally, a new Bluewater website was designed, developed, and deployed. The new, elegantly-coded, search-engine-friendly, easy-to-update site provides users with ample evidence of Bluewater's practical body of knowledge, along with easy ways to ask questions, get quotes, and get started doing business with Bluewater.

Bluewater's new identity, collateral, and website unquestionably communicate the company's position as thermal experts. From early examinations of analytics data, the new website, in particular, is outperforming its predecessor, capturing dozens of sales leads in only a few weeks.

The body of work created for Bluewater is a compelling example of how Digital Scientists work best - acting as stewards of brands, working across media and disciplines, with our focus always on measurable outcomes for our clients and solid grounding for deciding where marketing investments are made.

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