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We didn’t start the fire…

February 24, 2009

photo of a fire trucks and fire fighterDon’t get your hopes up, this is not a blog post about our recent karaoke event… On February 24th, several digital scientists heard a lot of yelling coming from outside the office, and upon going outside they were surprised to see the strip of forest across from the Zonolite parking lot going up in flames.  The flames grew bigger and traveled quickly down the strip of forest with how windy it was that day.

photo a wild fire beside the highwayFortunately the Atlanta Fire Department showed up within minutes and successfully put out the fire. Nobody was hurt nor was any building damaged by the fire, though several of the recycling bins by the base of the fire were seriously melted.  Luckily we can still use the bins for recycling and it will have no effect upon our recent sustainability initiative, Sustainability comes to Main Street. Once everyone was assured the fire was out and would not spread, we all returned to our office, which now smelled like campfire (like the kind you cook smores over and not 37 signals’ great chat tool…)