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Updates on our 7th Anniversary

March 20, 2014

On the seventh anniversary of Digital Scientists, I wanted to share some of our company news with you.

Digital Scientists Contextual SolutionWe’re launching a Contextual Marketing Engine for delivering an individualized, location-specific, mobile retail experience. And selling stuff, of course.

We’ve been working on location-based applications for over three years now, starting with our work on Gables Residential and Lamar’s RoadNinja. Over the past year, we’ve continued our work in location-focused search – and have decided to bring together our learning and apply the latest messaging tools to create something new.

We’ve called it the Contextual Marketing Engine because everything we do is focused on gaining a deep understanding of the context of the shopper – who, what, when, where and, why – and then delivering a multi-device experience that’s relevant and compelling . . . and daresay sometimes fun.

Here are three simple cases of how it could be applied, using a visit to Target as an example:

  1. Connect website activity with physical store activity to improve the shopping experience

    A shopper walks into a Target and receives an in-app notification pointing to her recently viewed items from

  2. Deliver store level, individualized introduction to new items based on a shopper’s online / in-store activity and inventory availability

    A shopper walks into a Target and receives an in-app or lockscreen notification of new items likely to be of interest – based on past purchases or preferences

  3. Deliver individualized messages and promotions based on location, item availability, time of day, and shopper behavior

    A shopper walks into a Target and receives an individualized promotion regarding items similar to what she was considering online (size, style, price point) or has purchased in the past


Technology Association of Georgia - Rookie of the Year
We won the Technology Association of Georgia Rookie of the Year Award.

We joined TAG last year and have really enjoyed all of the events. Bob works with the board of the Mobility Society and I do the same with the Retail Society.

Just in case you were wondering, the TAG “Rookie of the Year” Award is given to the TAG Premier Company who has shown the most enthusiasm for the mission of TAG during their first year as TAG Premier members.  The award is based upon Participation, Sponsorships, and Overall Engagement.

We’re thinking about having a nerd-tastic social event later in the year with a focus on highlighting iBeacons (amidst wine, beer, and snacks).  Stay tuned on that one.

Rately Shopper App for iPhone and iPad
We’ve recently launched the iPhone version of the Rately Shopper App.

We launched the Rately Shopper App for iPad in November and now we’re following up for all of those people who live in the iOS world but don’t have an iPad.  The app is available as a free download in the iTunes Store – check it out.

The Rately Shopper App does two things – introduces you to new stores and helps you manage your shopping across stores. As you shop in the Rately app (there’s a browser in the app), It keeps track of your online shopping and creates a visual history of your viewed products and stores.  Once you have this history (think: recently viewed across sites), it’s easy to add tags for people, projects, or passions to stay organized.

Based on the products you view and the stores you visit, the app generates incremental product and store ideas.  Rately was written up in iMore and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and we’re looking to see more reviews now that the iPhone version is out.

One more important note. When it comes to shopping, we believe that your stuff is your stuff. This app doesn’t require you to provide your Facebook / Twitter or other social account – or even an email address.

AmericasMart App Launch
We designed and built an entirely new digital buyer experience for AmericasMart.

This new new buyer experience was launched just in time for the giant home and gift show in January of this year. This new buyer experience is centered on the AmericasMart mobile app for both iOS and Android. It extends to include any mobile browser, iPads, and even a desktop and big screen site.  If you don’t know AmericasMart, it’s indeed an incredible place, with over 7 million square feet of exhibitor space. The app allows you to search for exhibitors, product lines, events, and navigate AmericasMart with internal maps.

Alpharetta City Hall Takes Shape
We are watching the new Alpharetta downtown take shape right across the street from our office at 21 S. Main Street.

In case you hadn’t heard, Alpharetta will be getting a new square, as well as all sorts of new shops, and a new City Hall. We’re located right across the street, and have even been filming the progress from our catbird seat upstairs (the filming should be complete by the end of the year – maybe even earlier).  Along with this rebirth of Alpharetta, we are happy to report several new restaurants that are poised to take advantage of the more pedestrian friendly environment.

Be sure to check out Hop Alley Brew Pub, The Salt Factory Pub.  Also, opening right next door, we’ll soon have South Main Kitchen. That’s probably more than enough news. I hope that you’re doing well – and would appreciate any news or updates from you.

All the best –