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Top Ten iPhone Apps MeetUp

April 22, 2009

Digital Marketing Meetup badgeAt April’s Digital Marketing Meetup this past week, we covered the Top Ten iPhone Applications for Sales and Marketing professionals.  Naturally, we snuck in a few more for fun, but you try getting a room full of iPhone freaks (and developers) together and containing the list to a mere 10.   We learned that there are iPhones apps for just about anything – conducting marketing research, keeping an eye on website analytics, managing customer relations, processing credit cards, and on and on.  Not every application will apply to your business, but we tried to include a little something for everyone. The real take away here is how mobile applications are changing the way we do business.

Thanks to Chris’s expertise and JR’s bravery (his iPhone and his private To-Do list were used during the presentation), we were able to demo our Top Ten applications on the large screen.