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These Tablets Were Made for Shopping

May 22, 2011

Digital Scientists Launches Tablet & Mobile Ecommerce User Experience Practice

illustration showing desktop computer transition to mobile gadgetsWe’ve been fortunate to work with some of the biggest players in ecommerce. In addition, we’ve been designing and building iPhone and iPad apps since the app store opened.

It’s time that we bring these two worlds together.

It’s with great enthusiasm that I’d like to announce that we’ve created a special practice targeted at helping ecommerce companies optimize their sites (or put another way their user experiences) for both mobile and tablet commerce.

It’s really only been a little more than a year since the iPad launched, but analysts expect up to 44 million tablets will ship during 2011. Tablet users are a great target for ecommerce companies.

Tablet computer users, mostly iPad users at this point, tend to be affluent, LOVE to shop on their iPads, convert at a multiple higher than regular PC users, and also order more and more expensive products on their iPads.

They’re an excellent target for online retailers.

We’ve decided to focus on these users (as well as smartphone users – iPhone, Android, Blackberry) because we have the skill sets required to create modern applications that can run on mobile and tablet browsers. On top of that, we know ecommerce – and all of the marketing investments required to build an ecommerce business – whether it’s accessed via a mobile phone, a tablet, or just our old friend the PC or laptop.

We’ll be posting more frequently about mobile and tablet commerce – especially how you can convert your existing ecommerce business into one that drives engagement and sales on all kinds of devices.