…and the Birth of Brand Experience

[photo by ElvinCreative Commons]

We’re proud to announce that our article, “The End of Purchased Media… and the Birth of Brand Experience,” has been published in HUB, Georgia’s leading technology magazine.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“While it’s the end of purchased media (or, okay, maybe just the big curtailment), it’s the birth of created media – or, put another way, the birth of brand experience.

The notion of brand experience isn’t new.  It’s just that up until now, it has always been described in conceptual terms.  When I implored CMO’s to Take Ownership of the Brand Experience in Enterprise Marketing Management (Wiley: 2003), I was speaking of a conceptual ownership.  I defined the brand experience as the sum of a customer’s interactions with a brand… the brand experience would include the customer’s actual experience with the product (or service), as well as every other aspect of interaction with your company.

Only now, the combination of mobile devices and the availability of big data stores actually puts ownership of the brand experience within the grasp of the brand.

And investing into this brand experience is where the old purchased media dollars should be re-allocated.  In other words, given that you can’t reach your target buying TV ads, it’s now time for CMOs to invest their dollars into creating, managing, and learning from the brand experience, all powered by the mobile devices that are already in the hands of your customers.

And today’s brand experience is likely to be quite different from the one-size-fits-all experience of the past.

Because today’s marketers can keep track, not only of every individual customer, even into the billions, they can also keep track of every single interaction and every piece of data interacted with. The brand experience isn’t just a broadcast of platitudes for everyone: Rather, the promise and the reality of Big Data is that you can deliver an individualized or personalized experience to every customer. This brand experience is not only personalized, but is also one that gets smarter and more targeted over time, based on customer preferences and behaviors.”Download the full article to learn more about mobile marketing and building a digital brand experience.

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