New TargetGenius Smarter Push Notifications Recover Abandoned Carts for Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento

As you learned in the last post, 5 Ways to Use Browser Push Notifications to Increase Ecommerce Sales (short title, right? ), we have embraced ecommerce notifications.  I wanted to update our loyal followers on where we’re going with this functionality. Also, because we have a clarified target, namely Ecommerce merchants, and the functionality is much more retailer / merchant oriented, as opposed to consumer oriented, we thought it was time to “fork” into a new brand name — TargetGenius.

We didn’t take on this task lightly, especially because it was a lot of work and somewhat complicated. Also, we decided to just go absolutely wild and embrace the world of things that are not orange. I know we have some fans out there that are ready for a different color scheme (anyone who’s not a fan of Tennessee, Florida, Clemson, Auburn — need I go on).  You can see the new logo in the header — and the absolutely wild color scheme.  We even have a groovy genius whom we have to name at some point.

So, in short, we’re using TargetGenius to help ecommerce merchants use browser push notifications to continue a selling conversation, even after they’ve left the site. No one wants to read a lot of stuff, so here are some easy resources you can use to learn more. Probably the fastest and easiest is our intro video overview that clocks in at 60 seconds.

Next, here’s a press release that gives you a general overview and includes this dramatic quote from Bob and me, “Browser push notifications will forever change how merchants engage with shoppers.”

Beyond that, you can learn a lot about TargetGenius at the TargetGenius site.