Rately Launches Shopper-Managed Ecommerce Personalization and In-Browser Messaging

Rately, from Digital Scientists, is announcing the launch of its merchant platform for ecommerce retailers. The platform helps merchants use a shopper-managed, anonymous profile for personalization and send in-browser messages to improve engagement, loyalty, and sales.

To personalize the shopping experience, many ecommerce retailers and personalization software companies capture shopper behavior and personal information in hidden profiles. With this approach, retailers resemble ad networks.

The Rately Merchant Platform turns this traditional model upside-down by putting the shopper in charge of her own profile and ensuring that this profile remains anonymous and not connected to any personally identifiable information.

Beyond enabling personalization, the solution makes it easy for merchants to deliver in-browser notifications to shoppers, as they visit the ecommerce site. This new form of communication gives retailers the ability to romance their products, communicate key points of difference, or even introduce shoppers to mobile apps or social media activity.

The primary benefits of the Rately Merchant Platform are:

Increased Engagement – Rately makes it easy to introduce shoppers to mobile apps, email programs, and other store marketing platforms

Improved Conversion / Sales – Rately drives sales by giving shoppers access to recent items, recommendations, and popular items.

Increased Loyalty – Rately includes an anonymous shopping loyalty program to promote repeat shopping visits

Tom and Bob Klein, identical twins and co-CEOs of Rately, noted, “Rately enables a level of personalization that no merchant would be able to deliver on its own.“

Interested ecommerce retailers can learn more and request an invitation to join the private beta program at rately.com.

Rately is a Smart Shopping Service for shoppers and retailers – where shoppers are anonymous and retain control of their own personalization profile. Rately springs from the minds of Digital Scientists, an Alpharetta, GA based company that specializes in state of the art mobile experiences and digital shopping innovation. Learn more about the Rately Merchant Platform at rately.com and learn more about Digital Scientists at digitalscientists.com