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January 19, 2010

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Rose Fiorilli is one of the smartest people I know. She brings together a rare combination of left-brained, technical business savvy and an incredible appreciation and talent for creatively-driven brands and businesses (Chanel, Nabisco, Schumacher). Her intuition borders on the intimidating.

She’s the person you want in your corner if you’re facing a personal “Rubicon” – anything from an entrepreneurial growth plateau to the traditional corporate battle.

I should know because I’ve been able to get to know Rose when we were both at Nabisco Biscuit Company and once again at Chanel. And, for full disclosure, we’re also both graduates of the Wharton School.

Let’s just say, I wasn’t always smart enough to recognize just how insightful Rose’s counsel was when she gave it.

Today, I know better.  Anyone interested in Executive Coaching in New York City (or really anywhere), would do well to at least invest in a brief conversation with her.

Rose came to us to help create a small, but well designed brand identity and informative web design that lives up to her exacting creative standards.

Rubicon - Executive Coaching New York City - Rosemarie Fiorilli | Rubicon Advisory Group

Importantly, we also worked together to make sure that she’s armed with the analytical tools behind the scenes to help her grow and manage her business over time.