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March 24, 2011

Newest Work: Digital Scientists completes digital marketing makeover for Bluewater Thermal Solutions

Digital Scientists recently completed a digital marketing makeover for nationally-recognized thermal processing experts, Bluewater Thermal Solutions.

Bluewater has a solid track record of solving problems for large industrial clients: General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Harley-Davidson, Lear, Gulfstream, Honeywell, and Catepillar), but their previous site, identity, selling materials and messaging indicated neither their successful history nor the bright future ahead of them.

Bluewater’s leadership brought in Digital Scientists to position them for growth as experts in the field of thermal solutions. In addition to a new corporate website, our work included the development of a new brand identity, marketing communications efforts to support a compelling value proposition, and the design of selling materials (everything from brochures to T-shirts to facility signs).

Screenshots of the Digital Scientists redesign and the original site are on display below, respectively:

New site:

screenshot of bluewater home pageOld site:

screenshot of blue water home page