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New Website Launched for RTI International Metals, Inc.

February 20, 2009

What do alpha alloys, heat transfer characteristics and marketing have in common?  Scientists, of course!

In September of 2008, Digital Scientists began a project with RTI International Metals, Inc. to rebrand and redefine the corporate website.  RTI International Metals, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, is a titanium and specialty metal supplier to major manufacturers across multiple industries.  We are happy to announce that the new website launched Friday, February 20, 2009.

In working with RTI to develop the message and the design of the new website, we certainly have learned a lot about titanium!  Did you know that titanium is stronger than aluminum and lighter than carbon steel and stainless steel?  It also is highly resistive to corrosion, which makes it a great fit for use in jet engines, sports equipment, manufacturing equipment, oil drilling, and more.  Titanium is even the metal of choice for medical and dental instruments and implants because of it’s biocompatibility and is even being made into nano-wires to develop fireproof and self-cleaning paper.  We here at Digital Scientists definitely appreciate the science behind it all.

screenshot of RTI International Metals ,Inc websiteThe project started out with overall strategy discussion and a focus on the messaging to align with the new brand strategy at RTI International Metals.  The site was designed to communicate the benefits of using custom titanium and specialty metals parts collaboratively engineered by experts in your market, for your project.  It is managed using siteReviser, a content management system that has a lot of great features including live editing, easy publishing, and asset management.

In the coming months we will be working on some more interactive pieces of the website as well as taking on other marketing projects for RTI.   There is certainly a lot of vision, and we’re looking forward to helping make it a reality.  After all, the “space age metal” opened up a world of possibilities, so can the new science of marketing.