MyUS Launches New Personal Shipping Mobile Apps in Apple and Google Play Stores

MyUS provides a simple, reliable way for users overseas in more than 220 countries to shop US online stores and to ship their purchases worldwide. After partnering with Digital Scientists in 2015, MyUS has launched new mobile apps for both the iTunes App store and the Android Google Play Store.

As the first and largest company in premier package consolidation services, MyUS receives and ships over $260 million in ecommerce purchases annually, with hundreds of new members joining every day. Only MyUS has the resources, expertise, customer dedication, and global experience to make shopping and shipping from the US consistently fast, dependable, and affordable.

These new mobile apps give users the ability to enjoy seamless account management along with mobile access to their shipments, account settings and shipping costs. Users can take their MyUS account on the go with the ability to view, manage, and ship their packages from any mobile device.

We built the MyUS mobile apps from concept-to-product under the MVP program (minimum viable product) utilizing development technologies such as AngularJS and the Ionic Framework. Core application features include:

  • Ability to quickly complete a shipping consolidation (with the fewest steps possible)
  • Access to push notifications and status of packages en-route
  • Reducing the potential for confusion around the true cost of shipment
  • Simplified workflow that ensures adherence to US export requirements and regional customs laws
  • Providing user access to a wide range of shipping defaults

image of two iphone mock ups showing myus appWe worked in close collaboration with the MyUS internal development team to complete all the mobile features. As a part of the application launch, we co-developed a secure API gateway authentication and the single sign-on functionality between the website and the app. The existing web application and the JSON API were leveraged to deliver the mobile apps in less than 90 days.

MyUS will continue to roll out new features and functionality in these mobile apps based on their product roadmap. We look forward to working with MyUS as they deliver new features to users around the world.

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