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Learn About SEO While Drinking Beer?

March 24, 2009

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So last night’s turn out for the SEO meetup was great! (of course who doesn’t want free pizza and beer?)

We started off the presentation with the speaker (me) rambling through technical jargon paying no attention to his interested marketing audience. Then I realized some people had questions about the higher level parts and we slowed down to make it more enjoyable.

SEO is an animal outside the realm of marketing or technology. If anything, SEO is a deep fusion between the two. You have to know marketing and development to know SEO. The good thing is our audience was mostly made up of marketers and it seemed like the takeaway was great. From a marketing standpoint, knowing the importance of SEO is as beneficial as knowing how to do it.

Because the search industry is so enormous I didn’t expect to cover everything in one discussion so we posted a detailed article over on FeedGrowth titled Top 10 SEO Ideas.

Thank you all for coming out last night and if you didn’t manage to make it please sign up for our next meetup!