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All You Can Eat of Customer Engagement Strategy

March 15, 2012

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the painting of Washington Crosses Delaware

This picture provided by the Metropolitan Museum of Art shows the painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze. It is one of the most iconic and enduring images in American art, dazzling visitors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for more than a century. But the painting will be out of sight until 2011 as the artwork gets a touchup and an ornate new frame and its gallery undergoes a renovation. (AP Photo/Metropolitan Museum of Art) ** NO SALES **

I’ve started a blog at for me to write exclusively on the subject of Customer Engagement Strategy. Just in case you were wondering, was taken, so don’t start calling me Thomas or think that I’ve gone highbrow or something.

So, what’s this new blog about?

Customer Engagement Strategy is the fundamental rethinking and redesign of core customer processes – applying new technologies to achieve dramatic improvements in critical customer measures of performance, such as sales, profits, loyalty, satisfaction, or lifetime customer value.

Given the converging and explosive trends of search, social media, ecommerce, mobile devices, and location services – now is the time to fundamentally rethink both how your buyers buy and your sellers sell. 

Visit my blog at to learn how to escape the tactical rat race (how are things coming along with that Pinterest strategy? when will we have an app?) that you’ll never win – and actually craft a coherent roadmap to guide your digital customer engagement investments – and win in the marketplace.

Join me for the fun. – Tom

p.s. This blog will be reserved for updates on Digital Scientists, new projects, new clients, enviable accolades, and the like.