Come explore Atlanta’s growing innovation ecosystem, including site visits to companies like Home Depot, Southern Co., Anthem, Delta Airlines, and Porsche.

4/28 – Update: We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Atlanta Field Study event, and are so pleased we were able to take part. We met leaders from companies all over Atlanta and enjoyed touring the various innovation centers. Here are a couple photos of our CEO Bob Klein and our VP of Business Development Jeff Mette participating in the networking events. To view the full set of photos, click here.

photo of Bob Klein and 2 other in a networking event
Photo of a group of people in a networking eventIt’s no secret–the Atlanta innovation ecosystem is thriving. Southern entrepreneurs are making waves, whether through small businesses or major corporations, and Innovation Leader is inviting corporate executives to come see how large companies are plugging in and benefiting.

We’re excited to announce that we are a strategic partner in Innovation Leader’s Field Study on April 25-27th here in Atlanta. This event is a collaborative effort of Innovation Leader and Georgia Tech to explore Atlanta’s growing innovation ecosystem, and includes site visits to companies like Home Depot, Southern Co., Anthem, Delta Airlines, and Porsche.

Interactive Whiteboard Sessions

The Field Study is drastically different from traditional keynotes, slide decks or speakers. Instead, these whiteboard sessions are intended to be intimate, off-the-record conversations that will allow participants to share and compare their approaches in a collaborative way. Our whiteboard session is scheduled for Thursday afternoon and will explore the innovation around Rapid Prototyping and Product Development.

In it, we’ll discuss balancing speed and risk when building digital products and pursuing transformation goals. We will walk you through approaches and techniques and then discuss how they can be applied to your own specific obstacles at your companies. Development methodologies we will touch on include: Prototyping, Design Sprints, and Minimum Viable Products. Afterwards, we will discuss participants’ specific challenges, learnings and approaches.

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