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iPhone Behavior Tracking Added to Managed Analytics

November 4, 2009

Digisci Custom App Development - Behavior Tracking Added To Managed Analytics

Up until now, it’s been hard to figure out how people are actually using an iPhone app. While we’ve been able to track what iPhone users do when they visit a site, we’ve not been able to get down to details inside an actual iPhone app.

Starting today, we can track visitor actions that go beyond simple pageviews. When your customer or prospect watches a video, clicks on a link, or even downloads a document – you’ll know and will be able to see it as an analytics overlay.

Now you’ll be able to create conversion events inside of an iPhone app and be able to provide more detailed insight into whether your app is creating the marketing results you’re after.

Contact us if you’re interested to learn more about Digital Scientists Managed Analytics offering and how it can help you create an integrated view of your customer behavior.