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How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

July 1, 2009

graphic for Digital Marketing MeetupWe want to thank everyone who attended either the Atlanta or Alpharetta digital marketing meet-up:  How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan To Grow Sales and Profits. It was an unprecedented turnout (and a bit like squeezing bodies in a clown car).

One thing’s for sure – Digital Marketing is the talk of the town. Throughout June, our chief scientist, Tom Klein, made several presentations on the subject to local businesses and trade organizations, including Thompson Technologies, the Kettering Executive Roundtable, and the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs association.

We live, sleep, and blog digital marketing every day, but we realize it can be overwhelming for new comers. That’s why we’re distributing the How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan to Grow Sales and Profits online. Consider it a primer for your digital marketing education. In this presentation, we discuss:

  • Business Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Business Models
  • Investment Plans
  • Optimization

We also throw in case studies (i.e. who actually used social media to further their brand) and show you how to pick digital marketing tactics that suit your business needs.

If you want to download this presentation or embed it in your website or blog, you can grab it here. We’re not sure why these document embedding services don’t include sharing tools, but oh well. At least, Issuu offers lots of layout and styling options, so you can customize the look of a presentation before you embed it.