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Founded in 2007, and based in Georgia, Digital Scientists have evolved into a flourishing experienced innovation lab with a vision of establishing a new science of marketing. The company holds an integrated team of designers and developers practicing the most advanced frameworks and tools to produce excellent new software products. Moreover, Digital Scientists partner with forward-thinking businesses to create mobile apps, websites, ecommerce stores, and IoT applications. 

Established in the middle of the Atlanta metro area, the company’s outreach is global. Through a progressive and experimental method, the professional creates transformative solutions with lasting impact. Furthermore, experts believe in taking a ‘design thinking’ method to solve users’ complex problems. 

Bob Klein spoke to the GoodFirms team about how Digital Scientists came into existence and the way he and his identical twin brother doubled the size of the company within a few years by delivering robust digital solutions. Starting with the interview, Bob shares the idea behind the inception of the company. Being from an enterprise technology background, Bob and his twin brother, who holds marketing experience, decided to start Digital Scientists as a digital marketing firm.

Both the brothers quickly realized that they were the happiest being “makers” devising and building new digital products and platforms. They have always believed that a cross-functional group of designers, product managers, and developers working closely with the clients make the best product experience.

As a CEO and co-founder of Digital Scientists, Bob helps clients accelerate their innovation efforts focusing on business growth. He works with product management, product design, and development units to support client commitments. Moreover, as a professional services organization with a broad skill set, Digital Scientists design and builds complex digital experiences for clients’ businesses.

Digital Scientists is unlike most digital firms. The organization operates as a corporate group, so it owns many talented professionals. The company offers clients a wide variety of mobile app solutions to suit their preferences. Moreover, the experts proffer different custom-oriented solutions as long as it fits the clients’ business and functions as per changing marketing trends. The Workshops & Design Sprints at Digital Scientists help clients’ teams establish a shared vision and drive forward momentum to bring their next idea to market successfully.

In addition to this, the in-house team of app developers provides substantial, robust, and interactive app solutions to the clients at national and international levels. At Digital Scientists, a well-acquainted team of app developers builds scintillating mobile apps from scratch that are perfect at Android and iOS platforms. The apps from Digital Scientists strive to make things easier, solve a purpose and give an excellent clientele experience flawlessly.

Lastly, the hands-on experience ends with the testing and approving the clients’ concept with real users. Thus, creating apps with cutting-edge features endows Digital Scientists as one of the leading mobile app development companies in Georgia at GoodFirms.

The review and scorecard displayed-below confirms the quality of mobile apps developed at Digital Scientists.



Further, Bob mentions that “Digital Scientists do not render services to any specific industry inevitably but have served many over the years. Besides this, the team inclines to build a collaborative and long-lasting partnership with customers.” Renowned clients might work with the company as their R&D or innovation team, while smaller companies or startups depend on it to get help in producing new products or platforms launched to the market.

The professionals at Digital Scientists believe that technology products should solve fundamental user problems, so it is vital to first understand the user’s needs, or jobs-to-be-done (JTBD), before beginning any new project. The experts start with user research and practice iterative product design and development with ongoing user validation. This approach is the fundamental way to expedite the innovation process while overcoming risk at the same time.

Withstanding today’s competitive world involves having an impressive presence on the online portal. Digital Scientists provides clients with scintillating websites as the first point of contact for their online prospects. The experience and innovative approach will give clients with enviable websites boosting their respective business ROI during the whole process. Thus, providing seamless and harmoniously integrated website solutions in compliance with clients’ business requirements bequeaths Digital Scientists as one of the best web design companies in Atlanta at GoodFirms.

Going through the above-mentioned excerpt from the interview given by Bob Klein, one can also have a glance at the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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