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Get Marketing Down to a Science

January 12, 2010

image of astronaut on the moon
It’s a new year and we’re making some changes here at Digital Scientists.

First, we’ll be making some changes to our blog.  In addition to letting you know what mascot Frances is up to and about the occasional new project, we’ll be using our blog to help you do just what this post says – get marketing down to a science.

And, even though we’re digital scientists, we know that not everyone is ready to wade into the technical details. We’ll keep things aimed at senior marketers (with just the occasional technical item that will always be linked to a helpful explanation). Our BHAG is to help you transform marketing into an analytics-driven discipline.

What does that mean?

We’ll focus on how to use digital marketing analytics to do what every marketer wants to do – understand market segments, position your brand, and of course make and track marketing investments.

But that’s not all.

Digital Marketing Analytics give marketers the power to rethink the role of marketing.  When I co-wrote Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing (you notice how science was a theme even then!) in 2003, web analytics were still little more than a way to track very basic web interactions like hits or simple visits.

In seven years, so much has changed. So, what’s happened?  Something wonderful.

It’s at last possible to use analytical tools to create a real picture of customer and prospect behavior. If your financial results are your rearview mirror, then this analytical picture of prospect and customer behavior is your windshield. Given today’s crazy marketplace, mastering leading indicators of sales and overall business performance are more important than ever.

So, what do we know about all of this – besides being a nerdy mix of marketing strategists, digital marketers, and people who have a certain affection for even those numbers that aren’t 0’s and 1’s?

Well, we’re in the thick of things in the world of digital marketing analytics thanks to our own Managed Analytics offering as well as our ongoing joint research effort with Heidrick & Struggles – The Digital Marketing Standard. We’re practitioners if you want to sound all medical about it.

Of course, there are more tools than you can shake a stick at. While we’ll talk occasionally about tools and software (Omniture, Core Metrics, Google Analytics, and many more – not to mention our own Digital Scientists Analytics helper application that works with the standard web analytics tools), we’ll spend most of our time talking about how a senior marketer can put them to work. And the data that you’ll find in them.

You can safely say that just about everything in these blog posts will be an opinion of some sort. However, I’m smart enough to know that there are a lot of smart marketers out there. And, I’ll be working hard to help introduce you to them and to help you learn from them.

Stay tuned.