We organized a free, exclusive film screening at our new office in Greenville, SC

Earlier this week, we hosted a complimentary screening of the InVisionApp film, DESIGN DISRUPTORS at our new Greenville, South Carolina location.

The event was held at NEXT on Main, a co-working space located in the heart of downtown Greenville that offers 20,000 square feet of business space for entrepreneurs, creative teams and startups. We had the opportunity to meet some really great folks and discuss how design has become an integral part of product development.

For us, showing the film is all about empowering designers and marketers inside their specific organizations to be instigators of change when it comes to designing user-centric custom software and digital platforms.

About the Film

DESIGN DISRUPTORS is a film created and directed by InVisionApp, the world’s leading design collaboration platform. InVisionApp helps companies of all sizes unlock the power of design-driven product development. The film premiered last summer in San Francisco, and ever since, companies who believe in instigating change and disrupting the design world have been scheduling exclusive screenings all over the world.

For the production of the film, their crew interviewed over 90 different design leaders at the world’s most disruptive and significant companies to discover the true nature of the design-driven revolution that’s happening around the world. The film is designed to be a series of snapshots into famous designers’ lives to unlock how the design choices they have made directly impact the viewer’s daily life. One of the key takeaways from the film?

“Design evolves. It is not timeless. Art is timeless.”

If you’re interested in attending an upcoming screening, we will be having another film screening event at our Atlanta office next month on May 24th, so mark your calendar! More information will be coming soon!