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Digital Scientists redesigns site for Adobe graphics training leader Ledet

July 7, 2010

As one of Adobe’s top certified training providers, Ledet is the best source when students want to learn how to get the most out of the latest graphics software tools. Real-world, instructor-led courses are conducted in virtual classrooms or in Ledet training centers located throughout the United States.

screenshot of Ledet website home pageThe best in class

Ledet came to Digital Scientists for help in redesigning both the site that you see as well as the application that keeps track of and helps you find the courses that you need.  They really can help you learn how to use so many different software tools, the key here was to make it easy for anyone to search for and find a course.

However, the presenting challenge was that finding the right course can sometimes feel like finding a ticket for a flight.

Sometimes you’re certain you want to learn a particular Adobe graphics package. Other times, you might want to just take one of a few different courses and just want to see what’s going to be available when you have time between projects. Other times, you might know that you have a big project happening and know that you need to learn something new right away (and maybe even travel to take the course).

Given all of the potential ways that a potential student might search, we worked hard to give lots of easy to use options. It doesn’t hurt that Ledet has an incredible selection of courses across the country as well as some world-class instructors. In other words, when you know you have all sorts of great options, it’s a no-brainer to just make it easier for potential students to find the right option.

Locate and learn

Ledet offers a variety of educational training – virtual classroom, bootcamps, instructor-led workshops…even onsite training at a client’s facilities. The new website allows students the flexibility of choosing software training based upon location, dates and types of courses to fit their schedule and personal needs. An online course overview even provides lesson plans to view or download prior to enrollment.  You’ll be armed with everything you need to know about the course so you can get the approval to go learn how to do anything from design a website to create a new YouTube video.

screenshot of Ledet website showing photoshop overviewOnline academic planning

In addition to finding the right course, you may want want to go even further. One course probably isn’t enough to make you a jedi knight. A new feature called Training Plan allows students to build an online profile, see the classes completed and the associated learning materials, then create a “wish list” of classes to plan for the classes they would like to take in the future.

This way you can map out the necessary coursework to fulfill your academic goals (or maybe even make sure you have what it takes to get that next big promotion).

screenshot of Ledet website showing enrollment formSave time – enroll online

Even enrolling in a class is now less time-consuming with a registration form to download, fill out and fax. To speed up the enrollment process, the site now supports payment processing for online classes.

What are you waiting for?

Have you been dying to learn how to use anything from Photoshop to even the latest development languages like Adobe Flex? Here’s your chance. Check out

One more thing…the before

If you’re wondering what the site used to look like…here it is.

screenshot of previous website of Ledet